My Life in Ruins Reviews

July 17, 2009
The film contains a constant stream of lowbrow gags and pratfalls as Georgia lurches her way towards happiness, romance and a secure job in the Grecian tourist trade. It's lightweight, inoffensive fluff.
June 11, 2009
Pleasant but overly predictable travel comedy OK for teens.
June 8, 2009
"My Life in Ruins" is a stellar romantic comedy where ancient history and love meet.
June 5, 2009
Vardalos is charming.
June 5, 2009
Fans of fluff comedies filled with soft smiles and knowing glances will likely welcome the return of Nia Vardalos in My Life in Ruins.
June 5, 2009
If the main character in a movie is going to be a pill, it's wise to cast an actor as engaging as Nia Vardalos.
June 5, 2009
It's a movie that gets better as it chugs along, depending on your patience level.
June 5, 2009
For a movie filled with cliches, the laughs happen so frequently that you are able to forget about the fact that you have seen this movie a billion times before.
June 5, 2009
Together, Vardalos and Dreyfuss distract us from how manufactured, forced and reliant on national stereotypes and cultural clichs the film is. Barely.
June 4, 2009
Not a big departure from what Vardalos has done in the past, but there is less cloying artifice this time around, in a romantic comedy where the love story takes a backseat to the more meaningful tale of a lost woman coming into her own as a person.
June 2, 2009
So why did I have such a good time at such a spectacularly middling movie? Nia Vardalos.