My Piece of the Pie Reviews

August 27, 2019
A brilliant social satire, set during the ongoing international financial crisis, it stars the irresistibly forthright Karin Viard as a unionized worker...
October 7, 2015
Unfortunately, "My Piece of the Pie" isn't the kind of indie charmer Mr. Klapisch used to make.
February 29, 2012
An odious Master of the Universe learns some humanity from his maid.
February 2, 2012
True, the movie sidesteps a couple of cliches it seems headed directly toward, but I might have preferred them to the preposterous melodrama it substitutes.
December 10, 2011
December 8, 2011
Paints an alluring picture of a pan-European cosmopolitan culture whose characters hopscotch from one country to another with hardly a second thought in a lighthearted floating party.
Top Critic
December 8, 2011
A stirring if occasionally over-obvious clash of capital and labor.
December 8, 2011
a construct meant solely to provoke
December 8, 2011
A clever and thought-provoking French comedy about two people who are thrown together: a working-class single parent and a high-finance superstar who makes money the easy way.
December 6, 2011
A Euro gloss on Pretty Woman suddenly turns into Occupy Gaul.
December 6, 2011
A feeble stab at topicality from that master of overripe Gallic melodrama, Cdric Klapisch.
December 4, 2011
Beyond the silliness of the heroine's action, there's little to glom on to here of any significance.
April 14, 2011
Though the setup sounds cliche, the storytelling is polished enough to keep auds hooked and occasionally surprised.