Jun 14, 2021
My Prairie Home is more than pretty skies and poetic wheat fields. It's also about growing up different in a difficult environment and what it means to survive.
Jun 10, 2020
Chelsea McMullan's portrait of transgender singer Rae Spoon provides a poetic tour of Canada's prairie heartland.
Jun 5, 2014
Somewhere between biography and visual album, My Prairie Home fuses McMullan's skill and Spoon's musical style into a singularly beautiful journey through the occasionally unfriendly but often breathtaking air of Alberta.
Jan 26, 2014
My Prairie Home is melodic, poetic, and beautifully complicated bliss. An utterly beguiling documentary discovery.
Jan 22, 2014
[It] doesn't overstay its welcome and doesn't strain for profundity. It just happens to be a length that was simultaneously easily satisfying and left me yearning for just a bit more.
Jan 19, 2014
Director Chelsea McMullan captures Canadian trangender folk singer Rae Spoon's music and life story in sensitive detail.
Dec 12, 2013
There's a real emotional force to this portrait of an artist growing up oh so different in an evangelical Christian environment where being different is not exactly the easiest thing to pull off.