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July 19, 2017
While the plot is not the greatest, the movie is charming and fresh. It will make you laugh and feel good in the end. Great date movie too !
March 15, 2017
While the characters were simple and the history was not brilliant, the performances by the lead couple were a lot charming and the comedy in it very fresh. A classic of romantic comedies.
½ February 15, 2017
Both brilliantly funny and emotionally dramatic, My Sassy Girl adds onto South Korea's achievements in the comedy-drama film industry.
January 12, 2017
A must see for rom-com
December 7, 2016
brilliantly funny movie ! Great sass that the girl has too (: one of my fav Korean romcom of all times !
January 28, 2016
All time favourite Korean movie. Just a perfect chemistry between the main cast.
January 15, 2016
The best Korean movie ever in history that will make you watch all over again.
And I just wanna give my condolence to all the people who loved the American remake than this original.
December 16, 2015
I consider this a bucket-list film (i.e. A must-see-before-you-leave-this-earth kinda film). It's both hilarious & beautiful.
Super Reviewer
½ November 22, 2015
There was potential here for an unconventional South Korean rom-com but, of course, there had to be the sentimental and melodramatic last act, more the former than the latter, to screw things up. Maybe screw things up isn't the right word, because this was still a fairly decent movie, but it definitely hurts the film more than it benefits it. And I know that this film isn't made for me, a westerner if you will, they're made for Koreans and their sensibilities. So, while part of me completely understands relying on tired and ineffective sentimentality, I'm also wondering why so few of these films ever really try to do something different. They even discuss this in the film, Kyun and the Sassy Girl, whose name literally escapes me, have this conversation about this novel and Kyun explains that the novel and its influence on the culture have made it so Koreans seek melodrama from their films. I have no idea if this novel exists, but I can attest to that fact. Not because I live in South Korea or anything, but because of the fact that I've watched a ton of Korean movies, and shows as well, and I would say that, about, 85-90% contain some form of melodrama. So it's obviously something cultural as opposed to the filmmakers trying to be manipulative. But this story and these characters had potential and that potential is thrown away just because the audience is expecting a certain mood in their entertainment that has to be forced in there. This isn't even the most melodramatic South Korean film I've ever seen, but I'm sick and tired of it being forced into films that don't really need them. It's a shame too, because this movie was actually fairly solid for the most part as it explores a different relationship. Imagine the 'Sassy girl', from now on referred to as SG, as a real life version of Miss Piggy. What I mean by that is that she expects everyone to do things her way, she's both verbally and physically abusive and she enjoys humiliating Kyun. But, it's clear, from her behavior that there's something deep down that is haunting her. Like our lead says, there's a sorrow in her that she tries to hide behind a smile. But, honestly, parts of her characterization left a lot to be desired. Like the fact that there's one scene, after she bails out Kyun from prison, where SG punches Kyun hard like 4 times in a row. Right in front of the cops too, so she pretty much assaulted this man in front of the cops and they did nothing. Because when a woman beats up a man, it's funny. Major LULz had by everybody. And that's a bit of a double standard, because can you imagine if SG had been a guy and Kyun had been a woman and they tried to pass this off as comedy. Can you imagine the backlash? And rightfully so. It would be more acceptable if it was satire, where the movie is obviously trying to teach you something, but a straight-up light and frothy rom-com where the dude is physically abusive towards the woman he might fall in love, eh, not as effective. Can you imagine if they also tried to pass it off as he's physically abusive because he's actually tortured deep down? It'd be even worse. I know the excuse might be that she doesn't punch him as hard as he might hit her, which is bullshit. Assault is assault, regardless of gender. It would be one thing if SG attacking Kyun was absolutely essential to the plot, but it is not. Her being physically abusive with Kyun doesn't make her seem more vulnerable to me, if that's what they were going for. It makes her far more insufferable than if she was just screaming at Kyun, ordering him around and telling him what to do. That was really my only major problem with SG's characterization, that they play up her physically abusive nature as comedy. Other than that, I think the film does a real good job at telling these characters' stories and how little by little, SG's layers start to peel away and you get a look at the person she really is when she's not putting up a front. I also liked the fact that the only reason, at first, that SG got together with Kyun was because he reminded her of an old boyfriend she had that died. Her getting with Kyun, I'm assuming, was her own way to deal with the grief and the sorrow that she had inside. That was actually a really interesting approach, but one that, surprisingly, has some depth to it. Might not be super complex, but it's something. I thought that was really cool and I think that the characters, at least, earned a sweet ending and they did get it, but the way the film got to it in the third act, with the sentimentality and everything, really did hurt the film a lot. There were some funny bits in the film, so that's what comprised most of the remaining time while, obviously, giving you some character development. If it hadn't been for the sentimentality and the melodramatics, then I would've given this film, for sure, three stars. But the fact that it was present really brought it down for me, hence why it gets the two and a half stars. There's enough good here that a lot of people will enjoy this more than me. It had its flaws and everything, but by and large, it's still a decent movie. I can't ignore everything that came before the third act and how well-executed and acted it was. So, if you must, watch until they start with the time capsule bullshit, because it's all downhill from here.
½ September 17, 2015
A really great romantic and all around enjoyable movie, a great watch.
August 3, 2015
It's an old movie now (2015) but i still enjoy watching it. Still very whimsical and touching at the same time. Love the ending too.
July 23, 2015
Great film! A must-watch for any viewer. The film features a unique story and such a charismatic performance of the two excellent leads. A couple of comedy twists will surely keep you entertained throughout the entire story.
July 5, 2015
It's the Sunday Night Movie Review! Koreans have mastered the art of cheesiness. I think I'll give Korean a try ""after"" Japanese.
April 27, 2015
Nothing to say that wouldn't add to the praise everyone else has given this movie. However, this movie has elements much deeper than the mere comedy shell. Again, one of the films I would love to write an analytics for and I will when I find the time.
½ November 30, 2014
I've had this film laying around for ages but never got myself to give it a go. 2.5 hour asian flicks can be as longening as rewarding.

This is a very shifting film. It's sweet, fun and very good at times. In other moments it feels cheap, overdone and childish, like an american comedy being Koreanized. It's got moments where I don't like it at all, it's more stupid than all right.

Then, part two comes. The last 30-45 minutes are very good and it raise my rating a lot. Smart, charming, poetic and touching. The "over time" stuff is also super. Magical minutes that manage to stay un-cheesy. With that said, the great last parts of the film does not make up for what it lacks the first hour or so. It tent to be too repitative and uniteresting the first half, so it's not like we are getting many answers in the last bit. I wish it didn't try so hard being funny, since it's actually a very sweet film that works just fine without it since it's often turns into some stupid stuff instead (the enire military episode or the squash stuff among others).

If you see it - make sure you watch it until the end. Probably one of the best romantic comedies the last ten years or so, but it could have been a lot better.

7 out of 10 kiss free relationships.
½ October 10, 2014
The definitive Korean rom-com. I usually don't do rom-coms but this one is an exception. I've probably watched this a gazillion times. I love it. Jeon Jihyun... damn girl.
August 31, 2014
Amazing movie, funny and romantic plot. Great acting, good cultural lesson, and the plot is well planned. There's a lot more to the plot in the background if you look carefully. I enjoyed that. Watched the movie 15 times.
August 12, 2014
Wow ! This movie is just over 2 hours still it didn't have single dull moment . Though Its predictable, The move is so wonderfully made that you ignore any flaws(there are hardly any) it has.And This Master Piece was made 13 years ago. WOW!!
August 11, 2014
one of the best comedy-romance ever
June 8, 2014
avoid the american copy, it's a travesty.
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