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Five Favorite Films with Michael Shannon

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Michael Shannon has made an impressive mark on Hollywood in the past few years. The noted character actor picked up a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his small-but-crucial role in Revolutionary Road, and this year he?s had two new movies in release -- Werner Herzog's My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, an unconventional police procedural that examines the mind of a man who slowly went mad, and The Runaways, playing the legendary (and legendarily piggish) rock impresario Kim Fowley. As Brad in My Son, My Son, Shannon convincingly embodies a deeply disturbed man whose life was changed during a rafting trip in Peru; upon his return to the States, he becomes consumed by religious fervor and his performance in a community theater -- and the result isn?t pretty. And in The Runaways, Shannon plays Fowley with a carnival-barker?s sense of showbiz -- as well as a shrewd head for the music business.Back to Article


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