My Stepmother Is an Alien Reviews

Apr 28, 2022 exceedingly hit-and-miss comedy that fares best in its affable and easygoing opening stretch...
Dec 26, 2021
A limp comedy that could easily have been tagged E.T. The Extremely Tedious.
Dec 13, 2021
interesting as a time capsule of a rather conservative brand of '80s excess, and as a gender-switched companion piece to Earth Girls Are Easy. But on its own merits, it is what it is: a committee-written, dumb-assed mess, less amusing than alienating
Aug 12, 2005
Jul 29, 2005
Jul 13, 2005
Pretty dumb fantasy-sci-fi-comedy directed by Richard Benjamin.
Jul 30, 2003
Jun 25, 2003
Nov 29, 2002
Oct 3, 2002
Sep 23, 2002
Sep 18, 2002
There were more laughs in "Nine and a Half Weeks"
Jul 25, 2002
...and your movie is a joke.
Jan 1, 2000
Jan 1, 2000
What we have here is a goofy comic performance by Kim Basinger, weighed down by a turgid script and a decision to use Dan Aykroyd mostly as a straight man. Too bad.
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