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Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection - Vol. 1 Reviews

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½ March 20, 2007
I'm already in China (again), actually. Tibet this weekend. Top o' the world! Also, movies!

See you guys in a couple weeks. Also, I encourage you to party it up in this entry or the last (just hit my 5th RT anniversary, my 200th journal entry (previous), and perhaps another annual thing...).

½ November 28, 2004
3/4 of the episodes are funny all the time. Catalina Caper on the oder hand, is only sporadically funny.
March 13, 2004
[b]MST3K[/b]--[b]SPACE MUTINY[/b] 8/10. :fresh: Hilariously bad, but thanks to Mike and friends this movie was watchable. first viewing of this series and I can't wait to see the other ones. freaking hilarious.

[b]Abandon--4/10 :rotten:[/b] stinky thriller with absolutely no thrills or surprises. I should have listened to MASS, but I never listen, so...:rotten: for me. Katie Holmes is like a young version of Ellen Barkin. She only moves one side of her mouth when she speaks. So damned annoying.

[b]Evil Dead Trap--[/b]8/10 Very gory and violent. I needed that.
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