Apr 19, 2019
By the time the noirish thriller "Naples in Veils" draws you into its enigmatic web - which is pretty much from the start - you're sufficiently invested to enjoyably coast through the rest of this hypnotic, if ambiguous, Italian import.
Apr 18, 2019
Visually and musically, "Naples in Veils" does little to conjure a sensation of passion or delirium. All that's left, in this case, is a self-nullifying plot.
Jun 18, 2018
The sensual, gorgeously filmed psychological thriller roots around in the hidden corners of the titular city, digs into long-buried family secrets, and weaves a tense, noir-inspired narrative trap as Adriana pursues the case and begins to unravel.
Jan 4, 2018
The sensual photography, music and locations are so entrancing ... they help the viewer to overlook the weak storyline, which prefers psychological ambiguity to solid police work.