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March 30, 2014
Although it's a tough topic, its sto?y-telling style is enjoyable.
March 6, 2014
A young woman investigates her Bavarian village and it's people's involvement during the Second World War and the townsfolk turn on her.
It's a little too art house for my personal taste but a rather unique experience. I probably wouldn't watch it again though.
September 26, 2013
An oddly cheeky and eccentric glance at the most sobering subject of the last century: the assent of ordinary German people to the monstrosity of Nazism. The film is a stylistic and tonal mess, a jarring blend of Brecht, Woody Allen and Michael Haneke. Some scenes play out choppy, funny Amelie-style back story. Others have a curiously stagey, spotlit feel with back-projected black and white backgrounds. Extreme close-ups are suddenly employed, along with the odd moment of magic realism. There are moments of slapstick. The rest of the film is reasonably realistic, with the more appropriate tension of an journalistic investigation drama. The style ruins the substance and you never really get a chance to empathise with either the title character or those surrounding her or indeed the Jewish victims she is supposedly campaigning to vindicate. Ebert's verdict is spot on: "There is a story to be told here, but somehow you have to see straight through the movie to find it."
½ October 6, 2012
The original Erin Brokovich, a spunky underdog. A Bavarian black comedy.
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½ January 30, 2012
Not particularly a valuable addition to the film canon about the Nazi period.
January 10, 2012
It's a hard balance of satire and serious content that's achieved in the film as a young woman throughout years of research and secrets tries to determine what happened in her village during the occupation of the Third Reich. The only flaws come in starting to shift the narrative perspective about halfway through the film and the extremely abrupt ending.
December 10, 2011
Recommended by Jennifer K.
November 21, 2011
Although it helps to know German language, this is a "must see" for any student of psychology and/or WWII history.
Understanding how a country of decent people could be so nearly completely perverted is crucial to understanding the psychology of politics, on a local or world scale. See it!
The technical criticisms are valid, as far as that goes. But it's not intended to be a triumph of cinematography. It's a message and a lesson. Five stars, to me, means "must see."
I first saw this 9 years ago, and never forgot it. I was fortunate to find it newly available on Netflix. Any film that pops into my mind dozens of times in nine years is one which was important to me, and worth several viewings.
½ February 4, 2011
A very good effort I can see it was well received becasue of the subject. It was played verty and most of the scenery looked good. I wouldn't call it nasty girl, more like nasty people, but I suppose it must be hard for some people to face their past. If I see anything from this director again I would certainly give it a watch.
½ February 4, 2011
This movie starts so well and Lena Stolze is impressive in the title role but it loses its way and wanders somewhat aimlessly through the second half!
½ July 11, 2010
Powerful anti facist film. What do you do when everyone starts to go silent? Cover up the past ?
April 22, 2010
This film is somewhat about losing one's idealism and trust, but also done in a black humor sort of way, so it won't hurt so much to watch it. I guess it is also making the point that sometimes the truth hurts.
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November 8, 2009
Sensational, simply put.
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August 14, 2009
want to see this because it won best foreign-language film with the NYFC and best foreign film from BAFTA, and was nominated for best foreign film by NBR, at the golden globes, and oscars
April 27, 2009
has its moments, and good humor, but overall very long and uneventful for what it could have been.
½ March 31, 2009
The character of Sonja has great development, but the rest of the film lets her down. By the end I had really no interest in what the conclusion meant for her character and the town.
February 4, 2009
LETTERBOX. Interesante por su historia y estilo, y efectivamente satírica, pero hay momentos en que le falta contundencia. El final, sin embargo, es extraordinario. / Interesting in story and style, and effectively satyrical, but there are moments when its needs to be more forceful. The ending, however, is extraordinary.
January 31, 2009
So, I know what you're thinking. What is this? Some German film with a hot topless woman on the poster called "The Nasty Girl"? Is this something Cartman's mom was in? Not quite. This film is a pretty well done dark comedy about a German woman's struggle to find out just what her hometown was up to during the Nazi years. It's a picture with a solid amount of cultural, philosophical, and psychological depth, as well as a lot of good acting. While it is a little TOO artistically done at times, and suffers at the hands of a small budget, there is much to enjoy in and learn from this film.
October 31, 2008
Loved the first half a lot. Things slack off a bit. Then the last couple of minutes Verhoeven missteps. But overall it's really enjoyable and meaningful.
½ July 22, 2008
almost 20 years ago - still so current
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