National Treasure: Book of Secrets Reviews

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October 29, 2019
"Book of Secrets" isn't going to be remembered as an all-time great film, but it serves its purpose by entertaining its intended audience. What more can you ask of a film?
July 17, 2019
This film appears to have been designed by cocaine addicts. [Full review in Spanish]
July 6, 2019
Even when its credibility is stretched thin, it coasts through on charm...which gives it just enough points to make it not a waste of time.
February 14, 2012
September 7, 2011
April 20, 2011
National Treasure: Book of Secrets is a pretty typical blockbuster sequel, focused intently on appeasing what it thinks the audience wants, and missing out on what it takes to make a truly good movie.
February 2, 2009
National Treasure: the Book of Secrets is an absurd adventure, but its absurdity is wacky and warmhearted. You have to suspend your disbelief, but so what? National Treasure: the Book of Secrets delivers on what it sets out to be: lively and
October 18, 2008
October 18, 2008
June 18, 2008
A slight improvement over its agreeable forebearer...
June 1, 2008
If you can set aside the movie's countless flaws and just go to watch a stupid mindless movie, then you are good to go with this film.
May 16, 2008
Over-stimulating brain bubblegum guaranteed to take kids under ten straight to adrenaline heaven!
February 11, 2008
Keeps us entertained with the sheer spectacle of the thing, rather than anything actually interesting.
February 7, 2008
January 25, 2008
Uma diversão esquecível; algo que você consome, digere e elimina sem conseguir se lembrar posteriormente do que passou por sua garganta.
January 15, 2008
December 27, 2007
A little sillier than the original, and a little stupider, and somehow it still manages to be shockingly enjoyable.
December 26, 2007
In a story even more far fetched than the last one, Nic Cage and company prove that enjoyable characters can make up for a lot of bad plot.
December 24, 2007
You get the uneasy feeling that they're making it up as they go along.
December 23, 2007
Continuing the whodunit/where-is-it/what-does-it-mean formula, it's a fun-filled romp, chock-full-of-historical trivia.
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