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March 29, 2015
December 29, 2014
Cannot understand the written critics consensus. "Dull retelling" - so they wanted the story changed - I don't think that's going to happen. Maybe they wanted more violence. "The look and feel of a high-school production" - absurd. The stupidity of critics sometime amaze me.
½ December 29, 2014
Unlike more current Biblical features, this film opts for simplicity instead of spectacle which brings to light the humanity of these characters for this quite, understated drama.
½ December 27, 2014
Interesting to see in detail, but some not accurate as expected.
Super Reviewer
½ December 26, 2014
A faithful adaption of the biblical account of Jesus Christ's birth, The Nativity Story is a powerful telling of this classic tale. Director Catherine Hardwicke does a remarkable job at creating a visual style that feels authentic to the time period; with detailed costumes and sets designs. Additionally, Keisha Castle-Hughes gives an impressive performance as Mary that's subtle yet conveys volumes through looks and movements. Also, the script is quite good, with a strong focus on characters. A well-crafted film that honors the true meaning of Christmas, The Nativity Story is emotionally compelling and spiritually uplifting.
December 22, 2014
While it has some biblical inaccuracies, this is still a very good movie. It tells the story of Christ's birth from a little different perspective. I enjoy how they focus on both the cultural context and growing relationship between Mary and Joseph.
December 18, 2014
This is a complex story to tell and I think any director would be hard pressed to tell it well. That being said, I think it was fairly well produced and didn't take any major liberties with the plot (like the recent production of Noah). I liked the threads of the Wise Men, and King Herod which were artfully woven through the story. The Wise Men were portrayed in a very human light, and King Herod's paranoia was well portrayed in his suspicion of his own son and desire to not repeat the mistakes of his father. I didn't give it five stars because it lagged in a few places but overall a great watch--especially during Christmas.
December 14, 2014
Taking a time-worn tale and exploring elements previously not touched upon, the Nativity is rich in character and humanity with great direction from Catherine Hardwicke.
December 10, 2014
Awesome! I love this movie and watch it with my family every Christmas Eve! So good! A must see!
December 3, 2014
Excellent Nativity, full of imagery and tells the story showing Mary and Joseph as real people, real emotions!!! It also shows dynamic relationship between King Herod and his son Antipas!
½ November 10, 2014
Plot Summary
The movie I watched was The Nativity Story. Of course by hearing or reading the title one automatically assumes that it has everything to do with Christianity and the birth of Jesus. Well this assumption is absolutely correct one hundred percent. The movie was beyond beautiful and really showed what it would have been like for the birth of Christ. It showed its own interpretation of the Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph. In the movie it has them being a part of an arranged marriage. Mary's father agreed to his daughter marrying Joseph for her own good. In the movie it shows how their family was struggling with providing for the entire family and paying the taxes to the king. Because of this and to try and make a better life for his daughter so she doesn't have to struggle her father arranged her marriage to Joseph. She just came home one afternoon and by the time she stormed out from frustration she was married. They had a vale to not touch for a year. This was so that Mary would remain pure like she was because she was still but a child in her teens more than likely herself. At the beginning of their marriage it was not based on love it was based on duty and say so from her father but as the movie progresses the love is ignited in emotional connections. One of the most memorable moments in the movie I feel is the time where Mary was outside by the tree and that is where the Angel appeared and spoke to her. She knelt down and told the Angel that she would carry the child of God for her peoples sake. She said something along the lines of "the Messiah, to deliver the people". Of course no one believed her until her husband had been visited in a dream by the same Angel and was told that his wife to carry the son of God and his name shall be called Jesus. During the movie they were told that every man had to carry his family back to birth place of his ancestors and this is how Mary and Joseph arrived in the little town of Bethlehem, and this is where the amazing birth of little baby Jesus took place.
World Religion
This movie The Nativity Story relates to Christianity in the sense that it shows the pureness and holiness of these two individuals that were involved with the birth of Jesus. The story doesn't show the life of Jesus, but it follows the life of Mary and Joseph and it shows the amazing birth of Jesus Christ. It opens people's eye to how he was conceived and carried by the Virgin Mary from God and how people judged her because she was a "virgin" but she was pregnant. No one believed that it was by God himself they were hypocrites in a way.
Christianity is a holly and genuine religion. The main teaching is about peace and loving one another. In one part of the movie when they were close to Bethlehem where Joseph made a comment and said that the city they were in was supposed to be a holly city and full of holiness and love, but what they experienced was begging and people trying to steal from them. This is why God chose to have his son brought into the world to try and make it a better place for all human kinds. This movie captivates Mary's genuine intent to do well and love strong, and this is why she was chosen. God needed someone who had the strong will and the courage to push through hard times to bring something wonderful into the world that could save the world, and Mary was this person all around. The peace that was in Mary is what needed to be inside of Jesus in order to make sure he could spread the peace among others. Joseph also showed these traits in the movie. While they were traveling Joseph made sure that his wife and her unborn child had something to eat, even if that meant he did not. He also made sure that she did not walk the way there because she was with child and he sacrificed and walked the entire way while holding on to the donkey that was holding up his pregnant wife. It was times where he fed the donkey his own meal that he had to eat to make sure that the donkey was strong enough to carry the wife and the child so they didn't have to take a step. He sacrificed a lot for the wellbeing of others. This was returned to him by a shepherd in the movie because it was freezing cold and the shepherd allowed them to stop and use the fire he had been building to get warm. "Most Jews, in fact, looked for deliverance. Believing that God would soon bring an end to unrighteousness, they awaited the coming of a Messiah, who would inaugurate a new era of justice and peace" (Brodd, 403).
July 8, 2014
I believe that this movie did a good job explaining the journey of Mary and Joseph as explained in the Biblical Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The plot revolves around the journey of pregnant Mary and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. The journey is over 100 miles in a very rugged terrain, in order to register for a census as order by the current King Herod. The story begins during a time when King Herod fears that the prophecy of the Old Testament will come true and a Messiah will be born. Due to his fears of losing power, he orders all males under the age of two to be killed in the city of Bethlehem. This is the infamous massacre of innocents, as found in the Biblical Gospel. Meanwhile, in the oppressed town of Nazareth, young Mary is set to marry Joseph and receives a visit from the angel Gabriel and is told she has been chosen by God to bear his son and she will name him Jesus. This is also in the Biblical Gospels. Due to Joseph and Mary's parents having doubts that the pregnancy is an immaculate conception, an angel visits Joseph and basically confirms the facts and removes his doubts. This also occurs on a similar level in the Bible. After their journey and reaching Bethlehem, Mary goes into labor and because there is no room at the inn, they stay in a stable, where the wonderful birth of Jesus occurs. This is also similar to the Gospel stories and Biblical teachings of Christianity. Overall, this is a great story, minus some dramatization, and stays fairly close to the facts of the Biblical Gospels. I would recommend it and everyone who grew up learning the story of how Christ was born and the events that occurred around that time, will enjoy this film.
July 8, 2014
I know they took liberties with this movie according to the New Testament but it is a good story and I and my family liked it. I watch it occasionally because it is a good film!!
April 23, 2014
My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.
April 14, 2014
The story line for the movie The Nativity Story is that of the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with my Bible in hand and movie still fresh in my mind I search for things that were not accurate. One thing I did find is that in the movie, after Mary was approached by the Angel Gabriel, she went home and told her parents that she was leaving the following morning to go stay with her cousin Elisabeth to help her with the children. She left the next morning with a family and traveled to Elisabeth's and found her outside working. In the book of Luke 1:36 states that when Mary spoke to the angel he told her of Elisabeth's pregnancy and that she was 6 months along, and called her one who was called barren. Elisabeth had no children for Mary to help with, only the one that she was carrying in her womb. In that same chapter Mary arose as soon as the angel had departed her and that she, "arose in these days and went into the hill country with haste, into the City of Juda: and entered the house of Zacharias and saluted Elisabeth" (Luke 1:38-40).
Another discrepancy is that in the Bible, Mary only stayed with Elisabeth for 3 months then she went home (Luke 1:56). Nothing states that Mary stayed for the birth. Also if she went home after 3 months she would not have been showing as much as what the movie portrayed.
Yet another discrepancy is the visit of the Maji (wisemen). The Bible has never put a number on how many went to see Jesus, all we know is that it was more than 1 as the work Maji is plural. Also they did not seek out the Lord Jesus until after his birth as that is when the Star showed them the way which is found in the book of Matthew 2:1-2. Also more proof that the Lord Jesus was not and infant is in Matthew 2:16 when Herod orders that all male children under the age of 2 years old be killed.
The way that this movie relates to world religions is that is the story of the birth of the Christian faith. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. For without Him there would be no Christian religion.
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April 14, 2014
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April 7, 2014
Plot Summary
The Nativity Story tells the story of Jesus' birth. Mary, whom is Jesus' mother, was forced by her father at a young age to marry a man named Joseph. Mary was not happy about marring Joseph, who she claimed was a man she barely knew. One day while Mary was alone and praying, an angel came upon her, and told her that she would conceive a child of the Lord and she shall name him Jesus'. Mary was then told that her own cousin Elizabeth had also conceived at her old age, bearing a great child of the Lord, who would be named John.
Mary decided to visit her cousin Elizabeth, and while she was gone she became noticeably pregnant. When Mary returned home her family and husband were shocked and upset. Mary told them of the angel that had come to her, and that she is still pure. Joseph spoke up and said that he would not accuse Mary of sinning against him, because Mary would then be stoned to death. It was then that night while Joseph was sleeping that an angel appeared to him in his dream and told him that his wife was still pure, and she was indeed caring the Lords child, whom they will name Jesus. The angel told Joseph that the child was sent to deliver his people of their suffering.
A few days later is when everyone was directed by King Harold for census purposes, to return to their birthplace with their family members. Mary and Joseph set out for their 100 mile journey to Bethlehem. Upon arriving to Bethlehem, Mary went into labor. Joseph found a manger and this is the place Jesus' was born. A star shinned brightly over the manger, and an angel appeared to all the people telling them of their new king that has been born, and that he was her to save them.
World Religion
The Nativity Story relates to world religion, by displaying many connections with Christianity. In Chapter 11, it tells us of the birth of Jesus', and how he was born to a virgin. The chapter tells us the Jesus' was sent to deliver his people from their sins against his father God. The movie tells of the birth of Jesus', and the reasoning of why he was born. The chapter explains to us that Jesus' was born as the human form of God. The movie also told us of this great child that was born to display all forms of God as a human. I believe that this movie displayed a great viewing of the journeys that Joseph and Mary faced to fulfill the prophecy given to them by God.
The movie also tells us of the prophetic figure John who was born to Mary's cousin Elizabeth. The movie tells us that John was also conceived by the Lord sending him to be birthed by Elizabeth. John is known in the chapter as, John the Baptist, he was sent to warn of God's imminent judgment, and John called all sinners to repent of their sins and to be baptized in water as a sign of spiritual cleansing.
April 1, 2014
Plot summary
This movie was about the life of Mary and Joseph, and how they lived their lives. This movie showed how Mary found out she was pregnant and was still a virgin and she was afraid no one would believe her and she prayed to asked God why her. Mary would tell everyone and first they wouldn't believe her but then they all found out she wasn't lying and she was going to give birth to the Messiah. Then it would show their trip to Jerusalem where she would have her baby and history was made. This was a very good movie that I would watch again.
World Religion
This movie was a great movie for Christianity because it really showed how everything happened. Just like last week's reading in the book about how Jesus the Messiah was born. This explains the story perfectly. The movie was right on when describing what happened during the time of Mary finding out she was pregnant. The way this movie depicts the scene is right on. This was a great movie and I would watch it again, as a Christian it was really great to see how things really were back then or how people think they were this was a great movie for me to watch.
Another reason this goes along so good with Christianity is the angel and how God's grace was shown in the movie. Back then if God spoke to you or an angel came to visit you that was a huge thing the movie showed how crazy that event is. The movie showed lots of Christianity in it and depicted the Nativity scene very well if anyone was really there I'm sure they would tell you this is exactly what happen and it looked just like it did in the movie. This movie was one of the best Christian movies I have ever seen. This movie is defiantly one I could watch two or three more times.
March 9, 2014
Keisha Castle Hughes and Oscar Isaac plays Mary and Joseph on their way to
½ February 17, 2014
This movie was a great depict of the Biblical story of Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. The way the plot and movie played out and the stories that led up to the birth of Jesus were amazing. If you have never read the story in the Bible on the birth of Jesus, you can watch this movie and see the vivid picture of what the Bible is talking about. The real and factual depicts from the Bible and the accuracy of the movie is amazing. The fact that most movies do not focus on religion, and this film comes out is a great tribute to Christians, like me. This movie gets your engage, with the action and suspense of what happens next; definitely better than reading in my opinion. It is one of the greatest stories that could be told in the Bible, and the fact that you can see it in a movie, makes it even better. I did not know a lot of the story beside Mary and Joseph and Jesus was born in a manger with sheep and a donkey and the three wise men brought gold, incense, and mur to Mary for the birth of Jesus and that the wise men used the north star to find the birthplace of Jesus Christ. I did not know about Zechariah and his wife Elisabeth was cousins to Mary, and they were pregnant at the same time. I did not know that King Heron was so paranoid about the prophecy coming true that he killed every boy child under the age of three, just so he could continue to rule. This movie is exhilarating and gives the words in the Bible a vivid picture to go along with it. I would recommend this movie to anyone who wants to understand the nativity story in depth.
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