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Nebraska Quotes

  • Woody Grant: You'd drink too if you were married to your mother.

  • David Grant: Did you ever want to farm like your Dad?
    Woody Grant: I don't remember.

  • David Grant: Did you ever want a farm like your dad?
    Woody Grant: I don't remember... and it doesn't matter.

  • Woody Grant: I haven't been drinking!
    Kate Grant: That's what you said on our first date!

  • David Grant: How did you and Mom end up getting married?
    Woody Grant: Oh, she wanted to.
    David Grant: And you didn't?
    Woody Grant: I figured, what the hell.
    David Grant: Were you ever sorry you married her?
    Woody Grant: All the time.

  • David Grant: So, you told the sheriff that you were walking to Nebraska?
    Woody Grant: That's right. To get my million dollars.

  • David Grant: How did she die?
    Kate Grant: She looked in the mirror and saw how ugly she was.

  • Receptionist: Does he have Alzheimer's?
    David Grant: No, he just believes what people tell him.
    Receptionist: Oh, that's too bad.

  • Kate Grant: I didn't even know he wanted to be a millionaire. He should've thought about that years ago and worked for it.

  • David Grant: What's the statue of limitations on bullshit?

  • Woody Grant: C'mon, take a beer with your old man. Be somebody.

  • David Grant: You gotta stop it, okay?

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