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Neither the Sea Nor the Sand (The Exorcism of Hugh) Reviews

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July 28, 2009
This movie must be England's answer to the Grindhouse Era / 42nd Street Movies of the 70 ties. This movie is listed as a Fantasy / Horror / Romance! Can you have all 3 and get away with it. NAWWWWWWWW. Anyway the ever beautiful Susan Hampshire who like a wine, was more beautiful as she grew older. (See Her in The Grand Series). Anyway she goes to the Isle of Jersey to get away and get her head together, where she meets Hugh (Not George as in other write ups a Mistake). Hugh is a strange quite guy who she falls in love with, and they go running along the sea shore where he gets killed, he is dead, but comes back to life, (Zombie type dude). He doesn't talk, but Susan doesn't care, just right for her and most women. Anyway Hugo Kills his brother, and then attempts to kill Susan, not sure if he was sucking the life out of her or if he was just sucking her tongue, but Susan about Pukes or dies and runs away crying you are dead, what was the first clue? The bad Breath. Anyway in the end Hugh and Susan go for a swim and never return. 2 stars Sorry Susan.
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