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½ June 2, 2016
Grotesque, cult German "erotic" horror sequel, this time with art house leanings - the non-horrific scenes are quite something and consistently amusing. Buttgereit's sexual-horror is possibly even more vile than part one and builds to a disturbing climax. And that final scene..
May 26, 2015
With less dialogue but with bigger budget than the first film this sequel is by far better. Its more twisted and the ending is unforgettable and shocking.
June 7, 2013
JUST as bad as the first installment. Yet another recommendation of AVOID from me. There is nothing positive to say about this piece of dross. Remove my eyeballs please!!
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½ January 24, 2013
Jörg Buttgereit has created a sequel to his schlock fest Nekromantik. With this one, he explores the same tasteless ideas that have made the first one such a controversial film. Pushing the boundaries of good taste yet again, Buttgereit recycles idea from his first shameful movie and tries to create something new. The only problem is, is that this is still a dreadful piece of reprehensible trash that never should have existed in the first place. The sequel is nothing new, and doesn't add anything more to the "story" of the first. This is still the same thing, and pushes the envelope just for the sake of disturbing the audience. If you've seen the first one, then you've seen this one. This film isn't worth your time, and it a poor attempt at Exploitation cinema. This was awful the first time around, why would it be good the second time around? Exploitation films tend to go in bad taste department with extremely low budgets, controversial plotlines, excessive gore and violence, but this one goes beyond that. There is not a single redeeming factor about this film; it is disgusting, vile and repulsive. If you're looking for effective shock, look elsewhere. You won't find anything of value here. This is a sloppily crafted film that just reeks of bad taste. There is nothing new here, just the same old crap we've seen before, and with that said, and it is definitely not worth your time. This depravity at its lowest and I can't believe that people consider this a good film. This is an exercise in shock pure and simple and the director simply wanted to push the envelope and he did that, but in doing that he didn't create anything that has any entertainment value. The film was horrible and it is one of the most disturbing and sickening films that I have seen. Avoid like the first film, and if critics think that mainstream Slasher films are in poor taste I wonder what they would think of this one and its predecessor.
½ January 13, 2013
If anything, this sequel is worse than the original.
½ December 29, 2012
I saw this as part of a triple-bill in 1991 - A Better Tomorrow III and Nocturnal Demon were also playing - at The Scala Cinema in London's Kings Cross. Nekromantik 2 made for grim, suffocating viewing and I can't imagine ever watching anything like it ever again. I chalk this one up to morbid curiosity and the folly of youth.
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½ December 29, 2012
Oh Gosh, they actually made a sequel out of this? The sequel has better editing but the acting was way worse than the first film. It's still extremely grotesque and disturbing, not for anyone's liking for sure. Many flaws could be found but we could actually have some more understanding of necrophilliacs this time.
September 2, 2012
Ahh, another crapfest from German shizamaster Jörg Buttgereit. Thank God for whoever invented the FF button.
½ March 3, 2012
These Germans got the sequel right. The original will always have its place. But 2 is great and told from a female point of view. Not one but 2 surprises in this ones ending!!!
November 10, 2010
More stably directed than the first film, and the female counterpart, in the perspective of a singly female necrophile. This unfortunately pigeon holes women as perverted seductresses, but that's not the worst part of the film because it's also unnecessarily elongated, not counting the first ten minutes which were the last ten in the first Nekromantik.Nowhere near as layered as Nekro I attempted to be, and instead of investing in a philosophy on death, there's a lot of casual plot points normally found in romance films. The production values seem a notch better, but the content is like two notches worse than the first film. Ends with a worthwile bang.
½ October 5, 2010
I gotta say I liked this one better then the first one. As far as story goes, this one has more of a story then the original. Its just as gorey and shocking if not more, but with a story attached and not just mindless sex with dead bodies and murder of animals in like in the first one, this film comes on top. It has one of the dopest endings I've seen in a while.
August 27, 2010
Not as good as the first one... Ugh I feel nasty for saying that about a film dealing with necrophilia... Disgusting and creepy but a great underground film. It has scenes that dragged on but it had scenes that made you really want to puke. A pleasurable film for any horror fan with a strong stomach
August 15, 2010
Awesome followup to Buttgereit's original film. The sequel sculpts the same cinematographic feel with its often almost silent film feel, its use of twistedly hilarious comedy, and its constant ability to shred to all boundaries of decency. At times touching, beautiful, and aesthetically complex, it is always simultaneously vile, disgusting, and perverse. As with all of Buttgereit's films, it is not for the easily offended or for viewers expecting traditional horror fare.
½ July 22, 2010
Suite directe du premier "Nekromantik", le début montre clairement ce que la fin du premier laissait en suspend, quelqu'un qui déterre le cadavre du personnage principal du précédent opus. Une infirmière littéralement obsédée emporte donc le cadavre chez elle mais pas pour prendre des cours d'anatomie ni pour faire une autopsie détaillée, non pour se le taper. En parallèle, on suit un comédien-doubleur spécialisé dans les film porno et les deux vont se rencontrer par hasard au cinema et commencer une relation...mais quelqu'un est déjà sur les rangs !!! Un peu plus travaillé que le premier au niveau de la mise en scène, et au niveau du traitement des personnages, on plonge une fois de plus sur cette déviance controversée qu'est la nécrophilie que le personnage de l'infirmière ne partage pas seule puisque dans une scène, plusieurs copines se joignent à elles pour mater une vidéo de cadavre retourné dans tous les sens. Tout comme le premier, la fin réserve une scène choque qui vaut à elle seule le film entier, surtout qu'ici c'est bien plus long et du coup le film accuse quelques problèmes de rythme qu'il cache avec plus ou moins de bonheur, comme la scène où l'infirmière chante en français son amour pour les morts ! Aussi tordu que le premier, c'est le moins qu'on puisse dire mais un peu mieux emballé et plus approfondi, et c'est bien crade faut le dire lol !!!!
May 17, 2010
An Perfect Mixture of Surrealism, Gore and a Love Story with a grandious Soundtrack, amazing Effects and great Shots the Corpse looks fantastic and the Films in the Film are amusing too
½ May 17, 2010
it left off where Nekromantik ended.
the movie was shot very well, almost a little to artsy fartsy for my taste though.
i enjoyed this movie but not as much as the first one!
May 17, 2010
I was impressed as I expected more of an unintelligent gorefest. Definitely a couple good gore scenes, but good story and buildup to the infamous "climax." Not for the faint of heart.
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May 14, 2010
Ahh, another crapfest from German shizamaster Jörg Buttgereit. Thank God for whoever invented the FF button.
March 10, 2010
Jorg Buttgereit's follow up to his original Nekromantik follows directly from the events of the original. Nekromantik 2 starts with the ending of the first film and then has some new necro girl digging up the body of Rob and then takes him home for some quaility time. The sequel is superior to the original with the special effects looking amazing during the final sequence. The lack of humor that the original possessed is this film's downfall all of the sex and killing in this picture is so serious the little fun to be had is gone.
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