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Neo Ned Quotes

  • Ned: Maybe we can keep in contact after the revolution.
    Rachael: What are you talking about?
    Ned: You know, keep in contact after the war. After the whites get their own nation.
    Rachael: You already have your own nation.
    Ned: We can write letters! i'm sure there's gonna be mail delivered between the quadrants. Heck, maybe we can even visit each other.
    Rachael: Just so I wanna have a war to divide up the country, in order to keep blacks away from the whites, then sneak across the border and meet me for coffee?

  • Dr. Magnuson: Ned, what you're doing is unsafe. Put. down. the toaster.
    Dr. Magnuson: Ned, what you're doing is unsafe. Put. Down. The toaster.

  • Rachael: I've gotta go home.
    Ned: This is your home. This is our home.
    Rachael: This is us playing house.

  • Ned: They were probably some fucking Jews.
    Rachael: Oh God, Ned, wake up! They were assholes! Get it?! Assholes! Whether they were white, Jewish, black, they were assholes! You wanna hate somebody so badly, hate the fricking assholes! 'Cause they're everywhere.

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