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April 8, 2015
this movie is really cool
February 4, 2015
Such an awesome film especially the slow mo fight moments like in Sherlock Holmes
January 12, 2015
Never see this movie.
January 12, 2015
Never see this movie.
Super Reviewer
January 2, 2015
This is much like " Karate Kid" in a more modern style. Its a B movie but a decent one for its genre. Not much to say more than its a watchable flick.
January 2, 2015
A+++++++ like this movie
November 27, 2014
there are no need to many reason to be good movie.

nice action, good ending and nice plot. best MMA movie
November 11, 2014
Loved it a lot... And she can make me tap out!!!!
½ August 31, 2014
This movie is objectively shit. It's fun shit, but shit nonetheless.
½ August 16, 2014
A really good movie with some worthy messages. Never back down not only teaches you to face your problems, but to never hide in fear from something that you'll inevitably have to face.
July 29, 2014
I don't get the bad reviews, I thoroughly enjoyed it and im not into fighting movies, was just out of curiosity.
July 24, 2014
Never back down is incredibly corny and cliched however its a guilty pleasure as I cannot help but enjoy it. Its lively and a little daft, whats not to like. There are some cringeworthy moments following a not so rags to riches moment in a hollywood high school clearly aimed at young lads, yet they're forgivable. Acting is actually above par here and the action is hard hitting. This movie is not anything special but it tries, and for all its effort it is average but worth your time.
July 23, 2014
Loved every moment of this movie, it shows that even the losers can come back to be victorious
½ July 19, 2014
The directors of this movie really SHOULD back down. Ha. Got em.
½ July 15, 2014
Enjoyable despite being almost totally unbelievable.
July 15, 2014
This storyline had the potential to be a hit, however all this potential glory was butchered when the worst actors and actresses alive on this planet were shoved into the movie along with the most cheesy and clichéd script ever written. Since when do high schoolers look like they are in their mid to late 20s??
July 9, 2014
One of those good lazy afternoon movies.
June 28, 2014
Cheesy? Yes. Dialogue? Non exisistant. Never the less I was entertained. The fight scenes were good. It is rewatchable. Some movies you don't go into expecting alot and if you accept that then this movie can entertain
½ June 12, 2014
Putrid, ugly, exasperating, moronic, cataclysmically repulsive, insufferably boring, terribly written, terribly acted, morally reprehensible and completely rotten to the core, Never Back Down might just be one of the worst films ever made. It is one of those films that is all about trite clichés, and such films can often be made very well, but Never Back Down is so lazily made that you can almost hear director Jeff Wadlow yawning in the background. The film's message is old and familiar: if you're a boring nobody who is constantly bullied by tough guys, don't ever tell about those problems to anyone, because you can start studying martial arts instead and beat up the tough guys, after which everyone respects you and even get to date a hot chick! Yuck. The acting is laughably bad across the board, with Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet delivering the most charmless and bland performances you'll ever see. Amber Heard is very pretty (which is the only positive thing you can say about the film), but she's awful as well, and even Djimon Hounsou, the only qualified actor here, is completely wasted in a clownish role. I don't think even the most die-hard fans of mixed martial arts get anything out of this piece of shit other than a bad temper. Never Back Down is a film that I not only utterly loathe, it's a film that I disdain.
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