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April 9, 2016
Okay, well first off let me start by saying this, Never Die Alone was freaking awesome! I rarely give movies a perfect five out of five but this movie gets it! Critics oh critics, if you'd only put down your Crystal Meth for a moment you'd realize true brilliance when it stares you in your worthless face.

Anyway, where do I even start? Well, stellar performance by DMX! Anyone who can play a role and play it so well that you actually start to hate the character that's being portrayed has nailed that part down to its fullest! For example, Jack Nicholson in The Shining, Laurence Fishburne as Ike Turner in What's Love Got To Do With It, and Danny Glover as Mister in The Color Purple. Feel me? That type of brilliance! I mean DMX really makes you feel the hurt that he's inflicting on others! The epitome of a mothers worst nightmare! I won't say too much more about that, don't want to spoil it for you.

Second, the plot! Steamy, vengeful, sexy, greedy, money, and suspenseful! Oh, and I almost forgot, the ending! This movie's got a crazy unforeseeable ending with a twist that's going to mess you the helicopter up! Yeah I meant to say that. Anyway, that's all I'm going to divulge about the specifics, fasten up your seat belts, and let's get ready for the ride! LET'S GO!
November 14, 2015
Bad movie. Its plot is generic, unoriginal and boring, its timeline is confusing and mundane, its direction is mediocre. The only real thing it has going for it is the performances, and even those need work.
April 29, 2015
Great movie with a terrific plot! DMX's best by far! Gives you a very realistic feel of the consequences of aggravated vengeance, disaster, sadness, and the devastation left behind. Go see it!
½ October 24, 2014
Rather boring and uneventful. Never really got above 1st gear and just seemed to drag on and on. Can't believe it was 1h22m, it felt more like an eternity.
May 28, 2014
How am I supposed to feel sorry for anybody in this movie? I just kept getting the impression that most of them were idiotic and stupid. Even the villains are underdeveloped, they just came off as complete scum to me. This felt like a more brutal version of a terrible high school health class learning video trying to coax it's viewers into staying away from drugs, and doesn't feel like an actual story. Also, hardly even any chemistry between the characters. A perfect example of a noir done wrong.
April 18, 2013
DMX is the gimmick and the film is a waste.
March 27, 2013
Great movie. Stayed true to the book. I really enjoyed this movie!!!!
March 18, 2013
DMX tells the story of the gangsters American dream. David Marquette does great in this film too. Highly entertaining, my kind of story.
January 21, 2013
I watched it & enjoyed the plot. I thought Donald Goines did a fantastic job of depicting a story that showed the human condition. Other than Regan Gomez the actors also did a great job depicting the characters. The story was a little harsh but all in all it was a very good movie.
½ December 19, 2012
Revenge is a dish best served cold.....
November 25, 2012
Not bad action/drama. DMX is a decent actor with enough charism to make him a compelling enough protagonist. The classic rise and fall crime story is pretty familiar, but stylish direction form Spike Lee's former cinematographer, Ernest Dickerson, good action sequences (though not enough to call this an action film) and solid performances make it better than I'd expected. The main weakness of the film is the unnecessary wrap around story of David Arquette researching the life of doomed criminal DMX, who is shown in a coffin at the start of the film with the rest of the film unfolding in flashbacks with DMX narration. It's better than a Wesley Snipes direct-to-video film, but it's still not exactly a must see film unless you're a huge DMX fan.
½ October 31, 2012
A very awful gangster flick.
October 26, 2012
Day 10: Never Die Alone. This urban neo-noir starring DMX (that's right) actually started out with some style and substance, but that didn't last long. It gets props though for featuring the cruelest way of killing someone I've ever seen (spoiler alert: it involves heroin and battery acid).
August 7, 2012
upon watching this decent film, I was asking my self why doesn't X make more movies>!?!?!?!
July 20, 2012
underrated to say the least
½ June 28, 2012
I like this movie. its hood with a twist. dmx 's best role I think. I've watched several times.
April 30, 2012
April 21, 2012
i want to see this movie
½ April 6, 2012
DMX is a pretty good actor.
½ March 13, 2012
Had potential, but drifted and had its punches blunted by the jumbled delivery. Could have been a powerful statement on crime and its consequences, but instead was an average, convoluted, haphazard movie.

David Arquette proves, once again, that he only gets roles because of his surname. Other performances are OK.
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