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July 18, 2012
a shocking movie. very well acted!
August 18, 2011
"New Year's Day" refers to a suicide pact between 2 teens who've survived an avalanche and lost their friends in this disaster. Inexplicably, the boys have a contract where they do some despicable things, based on wishes from their dead friends, which culminates in the suicide on New Year's day. I was not interested in either the actors (Andrew Lee Potts or Bobby Barry) or the plot. The real victims are their family: Jacqueline Bisset wasted in a minor role and Sue Johnston who's very good as Jake's mother but, for some reason, is crazy. Marianne Jean-Baptiste tries to act sincere as the school therapist but her role is underwritten and the therapist character is so ineffective that we don't care. Not a movie that makes much sense.
½ October 27, 2008
Why have more people not seen this?
½ September 21, 2008
this was a reallly good movie!i loved it :D
August 7, 2008
Tragedy strikes a school skiing trip to the French Alps leaving all but two of the class dead. The survivors, Jake (Andrew-Lee Potts) and Steven (Bobby Barry) are unable to cope with the grief the loss of their friends brings. On New Years Day, Jake is all for committing suicide but Steven has other plans. He proposes that he and Jake give themselves one more year and complete a series of tasks set forth in a self-made list called The Book Of Life. Once completed, Steven promises to join Jake in death - and Jake agree. So begins the most eventful year of the boys' lives.

This is by no means the happiest film you'll ever see in your life and had I not been a fan of Andrew-Lee potts already, i may never have bought this film at all. But I'm so very glad I did! Despite the depressing premise, there are many moments of real humour as well as some incredibly touching scenes between Jake and the social worker trying to help keep his family together. The ways in which the very different boys learn to cope with their losses is heartbreaking - Steven, with the privileged but distant family life, chooses to cope with indifference and even disdain which eventually proves more harmful than helpful; Jake, from an inpoverished but close knit family, buries himself in caring for his siblings while shouldering the burden of his mother's depression and paranoia.

The acting from every single player is faultless but the highest accolades have to go to the two young leads! Highly recommended!
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