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½ January 29, 2016
More of a drama than comedy
May 4, 2014
If you're not afraid of laughing at yourself, go see Newlyweeds Sept 18 at the Film Forum, NYC. You'll be glad you brownie points and bring a friend!
April 17, 2014
You're Indian but you're you!

Lyle and Nina are in love but Nina wonders where their relationship is going. They stay home every night, complaining about their day, then get high on weed. She starts talking to a colleague, who also smokes, and realizes the only way to change their direction, is to change their actions. Can Lyle and Nina cut back on weed, or will Nina have to walk her own path to get where she wants to go?

"Mommy said you were in heaven."
"No baby, this is hell."

Shaka King delivers Newlyweeds in his directorial debut. I thought the premise for this film was very well delivered and well paced. I also really enjoyed the development of the characters and the situations they found themselves in. The acting was better than I anticipated and the cast includes Amari Cheatom, Trae Harris, Tone Tank, Isiah Whitlock, Tonya Pinkins, and Diane Neal.

"For some reason, Busta Rhymes was holding me hostage at gun point."

This was an independent film I came across while scrolling through Netflix and decided to give a chance. The overall film unfolds well and tells an interesting tale. I also thought the characters and script were well written and executed. Overall, this is worth seeing once but may not be worth adding to your DVD collection because you'll likely only watch it once.

"You smell like a pamper full of vomit."

Grade: B
March 26, 2014
A day in the life films are my favorite. it's no wonder that spike lee loves it. it humanizes the "pot head". it humanizes the escapist...and i think that is the most salient point for me with this movie. we are able to see that everyone from the re-po man to the museum worker to the lady running from the re-po man...they all have to make choices. and though we see a not-so "tragic" ending ... there is a sense of responsibility and accountability that everyone holds. thats some powerful stuff
February 1, 2014
This film is the best indie I've seen all year. We all know every character in our daily lives.
December 25, 2013
YAWN. Made it 30 minutes.
December 21, 2013
Has some good moments
December 1, 2013
Shaka King's 'Newlyweeds' is a must-see movie. Whereas it has been criticized unfairly for missing some cues, it plumbs the depths of the relationships between its main characters. While some of these characters smoke up a lot, that does not take away from their essential humanity. This film therefore is quite humanistic. One by turns laughs at and feels pity for the protagonist. While the ending is ambiguous, I do not see the 'Newlyweeds' together in the end, unfortunately. Maybe they will find each other again at some point, but not in this movie. Thank you, Shaka King, for such an amazing movie. 21 days: Wow!
October 11, 2013
I saw it in LA and was blown away. It is the kind of movie that could become a cult classic. It is a coming of age story like I've never seen depicted in movies. I am telling everyone I know, pot smoker or not, to see this movie
September 30, 2013
Beautifully written romantic comedy with great cinematography. Will take you through a journey with twists and turns of a herb toking couple that are both affected, inspired, disturbed by love and addiction to the herb.
September 28, 2013
I went to an opening night showing outside of Washington, D.C. and wasn't initially sure I would like Newlyweeds. First, I've never smoked pot and second, I wasn't exactly sure what to expect. But, I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this independent film turned out to be. For a first time director, Shaka King really delivers a heartfelt, well-paced movie. I didn't want to relate to the lead, Lyle. But, in the end I couldn't help but sympathize with him and that's due to some great acting by Amari Cheatom as well as the very good storytelling by King. Isiah Whitlock, Jr. (The Wire) makes a nice cameo in it as well. If you're looking for a film to take you away for an hour and a half and see a different perspective on young romance, this might be the perfect film for you.
September 27, 2013
Did not know what to expect. This movie was interesting, funny, and poignant all at the same time. There are some really funny moments. It's a buddy movie, a romantic comedy and a study on dependence. You really want to root for the protagonists. Beautifully shot in Brooklyn in 21 days, it's a must see for anyone caught in between that world of responsibility and fantasy and escape. Purposefully ambiguous, it brings you into the mellow world of young adults caught up in their mundane existence.
September 27, 2013
Very good movie. Interesting and very well done. A lesson for life
½ September 25, 2013
I've seen it 4 times and I still laugh and discover more about the characters, especially Lyle!
September 23, 2013
A fresh new voice in cinema that offers a window into the world of addiction with a sympathetic eye. Unlike other films that show a heavy handedness in the physical effects of addiction - this one seems to come from the inside, as we slowly see Lyle drift farther into addiction like a slow burn. It?s so painful that it?s funny, it?s hard to believe that one can slide that far with abandonment with so much promise, it? heartbreaking to watch Lyle?s vulnerability on screen. Not to be completely dark there are moments of comic relief with Isiah Whitlock and Hassan Johnson that are situationally funny rather than slapstick - the film is poetic and realistic - I found myself thinking of the characters days after viewing.
September 23, 2013
A rare film that infuses truth, comedy and addiction into the story of love. A work of art celebrating the diversity of community and life in Brooklyn.
½ September 23, 2013
Went to both BAM Theater & Film Forum for the premiers!!!! I LOVED IT!!! It was witty, hilarious, loving & sad all rolled into one. I loved both Nina & Lyles rolls. So authentic were the rolls that I despised Nina in the end. I highly, pun maybe intended ;), recommend this film to all and remember to smile.
September 23, 2013
I saw this movie in NYC and LOVED it. The comedy ranged from subtle to in-your-face, while the weight of the film's drama was maintained with grace.
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