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½ January 6, 2016
Generally gratifying.
½ March 4, 2015
Fabulous portrait of Taiwanese blind piano prodigy HuangYu-Siang who plays himself in the movie. Loved the music and the dance, as well as the relationships between the two protagonists as well as their mothers.
July 8, 2013
Great semi-documentary of a blind pianist leaving his hometown to attend university. It was the male lead's own story but we don't know whether the female lead's story was true or not.
June 27, 2013
Inspiring and beautiful
½ June 22, 2013
2012 Oscar BEST FOREIGN FILM submission from Taiwan, saw it in the local multiplex in Shanghai, a more-than-10-months procrastination from its Taiwan theatrical run, its mainland box-office never really kicked off since it is an an art cinema alternative from a first-time director and without any bankable names in it, still I was intrigued by its warm reviews (also it got 3 Golden Horse Awards nominations last year), so needless to say it is the kind of film I prefer to offer my contribution.

Adapted by a true story, a blind pianist prodigy Yu-Siang Huang, who plays himself in the film, and the film stretches out his pristine university life with a college drop-out girl's endeavor to pursue her passion for dancing (played by Yung-Yung Chang, already a three-time Golden Horse Awards BEST ACTRESS nominee at the age of 25, including one she got from this film), the film's greatest merit is the light touch of its tear-jerking scenario, the mother-son affection has managed to deliver a kitchen-sink authenticity without too many embellishments, actress Lieh Li who plays Huang's mother, brilliantly incarnates a subtle flair of humbleness, lovingness and tenderness.

It is an encouraging film, exhorts everyone to follow his or her dreams, to strive for it, and it also shuns a hackneyed underdog's victory, neither the quartet performance nor the dance competition has functioned as a means of gaining instant fame or success, more or less it symbolizes Huang's motto - everybody is born equally, although he is blind, it should not be considered as his disadvantage or his perk, his zeal of music is out of his heart, not a tool to grandstand for his own favor, the same can be inducted to Yung-Yung, she may not be pick of the bunch, but when she dances, she radiates with happiness.

The uplifting theme is perpetually presented by a hazy cinematography (a nice focus on Huang's eyes with mostly looking-up angle) under the accompany of gentle light and a melodic score, this type of film is categorized as a sub-genre in Taiwan's cinematic scene, in Mandarin we call it "Xiao Qing Xin", literally means "small, fresh and novel", aiming at youngsters' love and friendship in rural or urban lives. TOUCH OF THE LIGHT is an engrossing storyteller, although all its components are stock-in-trade, the sleight of hand and a competent cast are worth at least some ovations and for me it is always delightful to discover new blood from that insular isle.
April 27, 2013
"Life happenings are not barriers to moving forward but to make you more determined about your choice."
April 23, 2013
Touch of the Light, Ni guang fei xiang, Director CHANG JUNG-CHI,Taiwan, Hong Kong, 2012. By far one of my favorites in the Filmfest DC 2013 festival, a perfect film. A simple story about reaching for ones dreams. Yu-Siang (himself) wants to be accepted for who he is and not his disability and Xiao Jie (played by Sandrine Pinna) has a coming of age story to live out by following her dream to be a dancer. Along the way they share their feelings and art with each other and become great friends. A must see film!
½ April 9, 2013
Why movies like this always come from Taiwan?
April 8, 2013
Jie: "If you can't give up on what you love, work harder to show your existence."
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