Nico and Dani (Krámpack) Reviews

August 14, 2005
June 29, 2001
For a movie that has been praised for its sensitive realism, Nico and Dani takes some large liberties.
February 7, 2001
Maybe I'm a repressed American, but I can't relate to this coerced sexuality.
February 2, 2001
Sweet and harmless ... but it doesn't run awfully deep.
February 2, 2001
A movie more interested in shocking than in entertaining.
February 2, 2001
It all leads to growing pains of the usual kind, the kind you've seen before in other, better, gay coming-of-age movies.
February 1, 2001
[Most viewers] will be indifferent, as indifferent and uncaring as the characters the film portrays.