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July 20, 2012
This is an absolutely cracking film. Short - just 57 minutes - but it packs a punch. It's a prototype Grand Hotel - lots of interconnected sotires, all set around the speakeasy. There is a musical number, gunfights, romances, fallings out, affairs, secret loves - it's all going on! And Boris Karloff plays a man called Happy!

Sadly this film is very hard to track down, but if you do spot it, and love classic cinema, do give it a watch. Also, Clarence Muse is worth noting in this film. He gives a very dignified performance.
½ December 18, 2010
Fast-moving hodgepodge of gangster flicks, soap operas & musical backstagers.
March 17, 2009
Here‚??s an hour of beautiful photography and slice of life couplings. Bright marquees swirling across the black screen to bring us into the night world‚??a night club, to be exact, where the singer, who‚??s married to the owner, is having an affair with the man who trains the dancers. Meanwhile, the owner has designs on one of those dancers, but she‚??s too busy blowing off a local gangster and feeling sorry for a young drunk, soaked to his socks for the third night in a row after his mother shot his father dead when she walked in on him and his mistress. The doorman wants to go home early because his wife‚??s in the hospital, but the owner is making everyone stay late‚??the dancers have to rehearse after closing!‚??because he‚??s mad at his wife. To get back at him, she sets him up against the local gangsters, who are threatening decisive action if he doesn‚??t start buying his hooch from them (he of course refuses). As a tender meet-cute unfolds between the dancer and the sot, over a steak and a pot of coffee, after the dancers have all gone home and the doorman‚??s wife has died alone in the hospital, the gangsters bust in and shoot everyone dead‚??everyone, that is, but the new young couple, who make plans to marry the next day and sail for South America. I guess it‚??s a film for romantic existentialists. But I do love a romance between a stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold and a heart-sick sot.
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