Night at the Museum


Night at the Museum

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Parents might call this either a spectacle-filled adventure or a shallow and vapid CG-fest, depending on whether they choose to embrace this on the same level as their kids.



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Larry Daley, a down-and-out dreamer whose imaginative ideas have never paid off, finds himself in desperate need of a job. Larry has always believed he was destined for big things. But, he has no idea just how literally gargantuan and hairy a challenge he will face when he grudgingly accepts the supposedly menial graveyard shift as a security guard at the Natural History Museum. On his very first night on the job, Larry is handed an over-sized flashlight and a dog-eared instruction manual, then left all alone in the eerily quiet, cavernous museum. At least, he thinks he's alone. But wait, what's that noise? To his utter astonishment and disbelief, Larry watches in shock and awe as, one by one, the primeval beasts and storied icons that surround him stir magically to life--and total havoc ensues. Now, as Tyrannosaurus Rex and Attila The Hun carve a swath of destruction through the marble corridors, and lions and monkeys prowl the fragile exhibits, Larry is at a loss as to how to get the museum back under control. At his wit's end, Larry must recruit the help of historical heavyweight Teddy Roosevelt just to survive the night. Facing the possibility of losing his job and letting down his son Nick yet again, Larry must wage an incredible battle to save the museum, hoping to become at last the bold, adventurous dad he's always wanted to be. The man who's been forever waiting for his moment of greatness just found it.


Ben Stiller
as Larry Daley
Carla Gugino
as Rebecca
Robin Williams
as Teddy Roosevelt
Dick Van Dyke
as Cecil Fredricks
Bill Cobbs
as Reginald
Jake Cherry
as Nick Daley
Ricky Gervais
as Dr. McPhee
Kim Raver
as Erica Daley
Patrick Gallagher
as Attila the Hun
Rami Malek
as Ahkmenrah
Mizuo Peck
as Sacajawea
Steve Coogan
as Octavius
Anne Meara
as Debbie
Owen Wilson
as Jedediah
Brad Garrett
as Voice of Easter Island Head
Pierfrancesco Favino
as Christopher Columbus
Charlie Murphy
as Taxi Driver
Kerry Van Der Griend
as Neanderthal No. 1
Dan Rizzuto
as Neanderthal No. 2
Matthew Harrison
as Neanderthal No. 3
Jody Racicot
as Neanderthal No. 4
Randy Lee
as Hun No. 1
Darryl Quon
as Hun No. 2
Gerald Wong
as Hun No. 3
Teagle F. Bougere
as Teacher (Mike)
Pat Kiernan
as TV News Anchor
Nico McEown
as Friend No. 1
Meshach Peters
as Friend No. 2
Matthew Walker
as Politician
Jason McKinnon
as Irish Worker
Jonathan Lee
as Chinese Rail Worker
Cade Wagar
as Viking
Cory P. Martin
as Chinese Terra Cotta Soldier
Jason Glass
as Blind Driver
Brent Woolsey
as Larry Riding Double
Blaise Corrigan
as Stunt Driver
Adam Bryant
as Teddy Stand-In
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  • Nov 17, 2014
    History comes alive in the family comedy Night at the Museum. When Larry Daley takes a job as a night security guard at the Museum of Natural History he gets more than he bargained for, as the exhibits come to life every night at closing. Starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Carla Gugino, and Dick Van Dyke, the film has a great cast. And the comedy is especially well-done, with some clever sketches and fun satire. Additionally, the story has a positive message about responsibility and overcoming adversary. Lighthearted and incredibly entertaining, Night at the Museum is an enjoyable film for all ages.
    Dann M Super Reviewer
  • Apr 04, 2013
    Non-threatening. Non-offensive. Non-intersting but somehow still pleasant.
    Christian C Super Reviewer
  • Mar 22, 2013
    An unfortunately dull comedy with an interesting concept but a flatline plot.
    Matthew Samuel M Super Reviewer
  • Dec 26, 2011
    Children may like it, but certainly all the adults would hate. Stiller's acting skill helped the film immensely but the superficial script and over used CGI didn't help it. Rami Malek on the other hand is a promising young actor that had a good performance, overally the film is a cheap entertainment for children
    Sylvester K Super Reviewer

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