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December 30, 2006
For all the money it must've taken to get the effects and the cast, make sure you let your funny people be funny.
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December 22, 2006
It might be fair to give Ben Stiller an 'A' for effort, but to call what he does in this movie "acting" is a misnomer. He does a lot of running around, occasionally falling down or bumping into things.
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December 21, 2006
The writers are content to let the magical beings simply run around and crash into things. I got a Jumanji headache about 30 minutes in.
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January 10, 2007
Individual set pieces work nicely, but the story bogs down and certain subplots are dropped almost entirely. ... NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM had the potential to be so much more and in the hand of a real visionary, it could have been something. As it is, it's a p
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December 27, 2006
The comedy in 'Night at the Museum' fails to liven up until the last reel.
December 26, 2006
It's just so dopey.
June 13, 2007
Not everything on display is sufficiently alive in this museum-set comedy adventure.
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December 21, 2006
Night at the Museum fails to hit a completely comfortable stride.
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December 21, 2006
Under Shawn Levy's watch, Museum is an erratic time-waster that lives up to the filmmaker's streak of movies that drown in their own lethargy and fear of individuality.
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December 6, 2014
One of the most neutrally adequate blockbusters of the modern age.
Full Review | Original Score: 5/10
February 19, 2007
This pastiche comedy is a piecemeal procedure in Hollywood excess.
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December 21, 2006
If only family comedies would evolve and not assume that a good concept, convincing special effects and a strong cast automatically add up to fun.
December 30, 2006
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April 29, 2009
A flat affair, and one I won't have a hard time forgetting.
March 3, 2007
Dark night of the soul is more like it.
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March 24, 2007
With this cast, there should be more laughs, and that blame falls partially on the script, but equally on how awfully Levy paces the film.
January 2, 2007
This isn't an extremely terrible movie, it really wants to be an original film and in a way the idea behind it actually is BUT it is just too bad the execution is so by-the-numbers and emotionally empty.
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December 30, 2006
... an aimless and riotous mess.
December 22, 2006
Rarely entertaining, the movie is at least instructive. The statute of limitations on loud, dumb movies with Robin Williams and computer-generated animals is 11 years. It bypasses brand-name coattails right to the level of a straight-to-DVD sequel.
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June 25, 2007
. Its narrative is just pitched toward adolescent fantasy and silly, frequently obvious shenanigans to a hearty degree, and with no sort of consistent inner logic the movie tilts toward fleeting entertainment, with no inherent replay value or strongly fel
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