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½ January 8, 2014
Will Griffith is back, so is Shannon Tweed although she plays a new character here. This time Griffith is protecting a top actress from a former boyfriend. In some ways, Griffiths is totally professional, refusing to drink on the job. On the other hand, he's never too professional to sleep with the clientele.
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August 4, 2013
Above-average erotic thriller which features some decent plotting, decent acting, and decent nakeding. Hard to beat the casting of sisters Shannon and Tracy Tweed as cop show co-starring rivals. Rawr!
½ July 27, 2013
Thursday, July 25, 2013

(1993) Night Eyes 3

Straight-to-rental starring, directed and co-written by Andrew Stevens with one time Playboy of the Year Shannon Tweed of many low budget T and A movies, who's now married to Gene Simmons of the music band KISS. And I must confess, that I didn't properly watched this movie since I'm already aware that the thin plot was only an excuse to showcase really fake make out scenes, so basically you're only seeing this for the nudity because there's nothing erotic about seeing a movie full of plastics and second rate acting and a non-existent plot. I mean to me, you see one erotic Tweed movie, then you pretty much seen them all. Looking at many straight-to-rental erotic films in the 80s and 90's used to be a substitute since underage teenagers weren't old enough to rent hard core porn movies, saying that they were alternatives to something bigger. I came across this one when I bought a box of previously viewed VHS videos since there are some good movies that are obscure to find on DVD and in this day and age one can buy these VHSs by the bundle for a really good price- second hand of course. And I must say I couldn't believe how boring Night Eyes 3 was even by using the fast forward button while playing.

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