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In this gory and violent black comedy, a quartet of teenage zombies begin terrifying an employee at the local morgue until he figures out that they would rather party than eat people.
Rating: R
Genre: Comedy , Horror
Directed By: David Acomba
Written By: Keith F. Critchlow
In Theaters: wide
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Scott Grimes
as Archie Melville
Cheryl Pollak
as Charly Dorn
John Astin
as Verlin Flanders
Anthony Geary
as John Devlin
Darcy DeMoss
as Roberta Woods
Lisa Fuller
as Joanie Snowland
Mark Pellegrino
as Allen Patumbo
Phil Proctor
as Randolph Whitlock
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Night Life is a lost gem of a horror/comedy that deserves SOO much more praise than it had ever been given, not to mention deserving at least a DVD release in order to show the moronic horror movie viewers of today what original, GOOD horror movies used to be like. Predating the zomedy trend-setting Shaun of the Dead, Night Life has a real 80's feel (it was made in '89, but released in '90). It stars lovable poor man's Corey Haim Scott Grimes (Critters 1 & 2, now doing American Dad) as Archie, a smart nerd who works hard for his domineering uncle (the GREAT John Astin) at his funeral home. Much to Arhcie's dismay, he's constantly being picked on by two dumb jocks (which includes Dexter's Mark Pelligrino) and their two girlfriends (which includes Friday the 13th Part VI's Darcy DeMoss). As luck would have it, Archie's tormentors die in a horrible car crash, but before he can bury them for good, lightning strikes and (as well know) awakens the dead. Soon, the 4 zombies are after Archie, ripping apart anyone and everyone that gets in there way (in some pretty fun gory ways to boot)

Jason Duron
Jason Duron

I love this movie and I grew up on this one. Funny ass, cheesy, gore-filled 80's horror film. Definitely a movie not to be taken seriously. This is another hard to find DVD, but there are VHS copies all over the internet. "Archie can't catch a break. He works for his slimy uncle Verlin(played by John Astin) as an undertaker's assistant, the girl he lusts after (Fuller) is dating some Neanderthal and the girl he likes is leaving town for good. The school bullies want to kick his ass and college seems like an impossible dream. Just when you think it can't go any worse for the poor schmuck, the bullies die in a car crash (both with their respective girlfriends) and come back from the dead to not only make his life miserable but to try and rip him apart limb by limb." It's like Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets Return of the Living Dead. Loads of fun and tons of gore, this is a great film for the Halloween season. A must see for a true horror fan(and open minded as well). This movie is pure entertainment, a bloody B movie with lots of eye candy and enough whacky humor to satisfy your needs. Just have fun with this film, because that's what it's meant for in the first place. Highly Recommended! Photobucket

jd cryptic
jd cryptic

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