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½ April 6, 2010
The cinematography at times if horrible looks like someone got really fucking lazy with shining a light in the forest. But there's an odd attraction here and it proves more entertaining than boring. I especially like the last third made up of many slow motion shots of leopard bikini wearing vampire women and weird zombie tribesmen. The setting is perfect
½ January 28, 2010
de Ossorio's obsessions with topless women tied up and whipped or stabbed in ritual manner, zombies, and rape all rear their ugly heads in this cheapo Universal Monster's ripoff. The vampire leopard women bounce through the sandy forest, that passes for darkest Africa, in slow motion while a whirlwind of organ and creature sounds explode on the soundtrack. The leopard vampires are stupid, whispering dullards that have none of the ca-bash of the Blind Dead. Though there are black people, proving that not all brothers and sistahs got ryhtmn. Seriously, worst native frenzy dance ever. So by the time the gotcha ending pops up, no one cares anymore. Disappointing really.
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