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½ September 15, 2014
It was 1989 when Lloyd Dobler, John Cusack's iconic character from "Say Anything", predicted that kickboxing would be the sport of the future. He missed the mark a bit, but kickboxing movies did take over the world a few years later and "Night of the Warrior" is little more than one forgettable film in a hundred.

Everything about this, from the redundant title to this oft-told story, is typical for the era and the genre. The strange thing is that very little of this has anything to do with showcasing the martial arts. The entire film is about Anthony Geary, in a ridiculous performance, coming up with ways to get Lorenzo Lamas into one more big payday fight. Considering how poorly executed the fight scenes are (only outdone by the horrible dancing in Lamas' club) that it's probably for the better. You begin to wonder if Paula Abdul had something to do with this.

Lamas himself is an average B-movie star at best, not much charisma and clearly deficient in fighting skills but he keeps getting work thanks to his name recognition and clever editing. The writer made photography his character's "one true passion" in a moronic attempt to give him depth, and some elements of the film are strangely arty (like the weird dancing in the nightclub where no one gets naked).

It's all an attempt to make "Night of the Warrior" feel like a legitimate action movie but in reality it's just yet another unbearable B-movie with lackluster action, a story that's not worth following and a monotone star.
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