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Night on Earth Quotes

  • Corky: Take it easy.
    Victoria Snelling: Sure, mom.

  • Gino: A bishop; he weighs more like a cardinal!

  • Gino: I shouldn't have told him about the sheep and Monica.

  • YoYo: Helmet, that's a fucked up name.

  • Helmut Grokenberger: I was a circus clown.

  • Helmut Grokenberger: We have the same head.

  • Victoria Snelling: Speaking to her ringing cell phone: Oh shut up!
    Victoria Snelling: [speaking to her ringing cell phone] Oh shut up!

  • Corky: I'm a cab driver, this is what I do. I have everything planned out. Everything is going just right for me now.

  • Victoria Snelling: You could be a movie star.
    Corky: You mean right now?

  • Corky: It's not so easy to find the one guy, the right guy, you know?

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