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April 15, 2008
quite good. unusual to see jason connery in anything other than robin of sherwood. he should do more movies.
March 21, 2008
I did not really like this movie.
February 27, 2008
An alright movie, I think it was too short though, and the wasted too much time on the whole pre-story, and by the time the aliens actually made an appearance the movie was half over. The acting wasn't the greatest, it wasn't too bad though. It did have some scenes that genuinely made me jump, and there's not a lot of movies that can do that. The abduction and the ending was really cool, I liked how the pulled that off. I think this is a great movie inside the body of an okay movie, if it was longer, and had some more depth to it, and better acting, I think it could be great.
½ January 16, 2008
This film is texturized with intrigue , some action and drama surrounding a supposedly true story. Interesting. Worth the watch.
December 31, 2007
A movie centered around that strange night where a string of unexplained lights roamed the night skies, and people go missing or turn up telling strange stories of aliens and torture. Most of the film is comprised of bad acting until one by one, the annoying people are taken out until it is the strong, beautiful pregnant chick and a suicidal good ol boy fighting off the aliens, only to get taken on the mother ship and be brutally tortured. The aliens are even nice enough to give the woman an abortion. The last 20 minutes of this is the best part of the movie.
December 29, 2007
baserad på en verklig händelse och vittnesmål. Hur atumjordningar övervakar oss mycket skrämmande den dagen dom bestämmer sej för att verkligen ta över jorden hoppas det blir innan vi har förstört jorden själva
December 5, 2007
well i think it is not all a true story .... i beleive that just the weird klgiht is the true story .but the aliens on earth way's like cartoon .....
½ November 26, 2007
Pretty good way to portray an abduction scene. I dont know, this movie didn't do it for me, the storyline was horrible, acting was even worse! The aliens set the tone for this movie and is the only reason for my half rating, otherwise this movie gets 1 star--if that.
½ November 12, 2007
There are three girls, two guys and a stranger. The driver (of the van) keeps looking at the sky and crashes the car. He blames the stranger, who had his car broken down nearby. I really hate the driver's attitude, because he keeps yelling and fighting with the stranger.

In the carcrash, guy nr 2 lands on a knife so that is cuts through his back. Driver forgot to pack the first aid kid, but oh, he didn't forget his toolbox. The personalities of the guys are just bad, they are a bunch of stupid perverts.

When the driver hears a noise in the dark woods, does he go there? Oh yes he does. After all, he is wielding a might flashlight (that later dies on him!).

And just how unpredictable was it that the blond girl was pregnant?! After the first puking scene perhaps? Why can't people use proper protection? Pff.

Best part of the movie: The Stranger accidently shoots the driver! Woohoo!

Later, when the stranger and preggogirl gets abducted, stranger is caught in a sticky weblike thing. But it seems to be easy enough to get out of. Then he meets preggogirl. The aliens took preggogirls fetus, so what? And then stranger shoots her! I really like him! The movie ends with stranger being found alone and almost dead in the desert.
November 8, 2007
They forgot the story - boring!
October 26, 2007
Amazing movie, probably the best alien abduction movie I've seen to date, not the best acting and it takes a while to get going, but the abductions and aliens were well done.
October 4, 2007
Great film but not enough of the little green men. The ending was certainly unexpected and a great turn of events!!
½ October 2, 2007
Pretty much a good ole fashioned B-Movie We never really learn anything about the aliens. They show up, do what they do, and go.
September 30, 2007
I think this story is real , & I think the US goverment are hiding incidince that UFO are real .
September 22, 2007
Scary. And starring my angel. :)
September 21, 2007
This is slow at the beginning, but it was scary! They did a good job of showing us just a glimpse of things. Also, since it is based on true accounts, that makes it scarier!!
½ September 12, 2007
Sorry but it sucked.
½ September 3, 2007
very strange ending... could have been alot better. there wasnt much of a plotline here... kind of dissapointing :/
September 1, 2007
wanna see it cuz of A.J Cook =]
August 18, 2007
not a very good script or actors... its like they were so excited to be on camera... bleh.. and the dude kept on changing his accents! i mean were talking about western to brittich to australian to like something else! i mean come on! although i do have to say some parts were scary... when i watched with my friends i nearly wet myself. but in conclusion.. it sucked big time... the only reason why i put it on my fav movies is because i had good times with my friends watching it.
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