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September 22, 2016
A sheriff, his partner (work and sexual), and several expendable local deputies fail to kill a single unarmed alien for an hour and a half, ultimately ending in a rushed and anti-climactic showdown. Funnily enough, this joke of a movie was the first film JJ Abrams, of Star Wars and Star Trek fame, ever worked on (he did music and sound effects). Worth watching for the credits alone.

For the curious, Nightbeast was legally uploaded to Troma's YouTube Channel for the public to see. Lloyd Kaufman is a great man.
July 10, 2016
About half the time he's more of a day beast, but whatever.
½ April 19, 2016
Well what can be said about this movie...

It starts out interesting...spacecraft crashes in a little town and from the wreck comes a homicidal alien.

However, we have scenes are extreme tension with the alien, followed people just meandering around without any real sense of urgency or tension.

The alien has claws and a head so big there is no way it can fit in its clothes, and to be honest, how does an animal like alien develop space travel or create an intricate space ship with claws like that?

The gory scenes were actually pretty decent, but the acting really brought it down.
June 29, 2015
A lot more fun than Insidious 3 - which probably cost 100 times more to make. Deliciously shit.
November 3, 2014
This is a ton of corny fun, in that 'so bad it's good' sort of way, but don't rent this one expecting much in the way of a good story.

I'd almost compare it to Jaws, as the local government doesn't wanna interrupt a visit from the governor because there's a space alien killing people in the local woods, despite protests from the sheriff.

It's definitely fun stuff if you know what you're getting into.
May 1, 2014
What a film! First saw this when i was 11 years old. You know how time and memory changes the way you remember a film? We'll this one's remained the same throughout. Even JJ Abrams made the music for it! It is trashy but more watchable then today's carp.
September 21, 2013
This was alot better than I thought it was going to be. For an early 80's (Felt like early 70's) sci-fi horror creature film,this wasn't half bad at all. The creature effects even though somewhat cheap looking are very effective and pretty slimy and gooey. The only complaint I'd say I had with this were the horrible actors and the primitive laser effects that were overused. The rest of the movie is somewhat gory, and pretty creepy at times and you gotta love that early 80's analog synth score. All in all this movie makes me very happy. One final complaint I will also throw in would be....this could have had 20 minutes taken out and it would have been a tight concise sci-fi slasher.
February 26, 2013
Nightbeast is a bad movie but probably one of the most fun and ridiculously entertaining pieces of Troma that can exist. Drago is the best character. Somewhere between being terrible and great Nightbeast deserves something more than obscurity.
May 28, 2012
A must see for the whole family!
May 28, 2012
D = Well below average
May 28, 2012
This movie fails at every attempt to be a movie, but the amateur acting, cheesy effects, 197O's pasty and awkward love scenes will make you laugh until you puke. Like Troll 2 this movie is a terrifically bad. Do not watch it alone, you will need a friend to help you get through it!!! The last 15 minuets had no sound on our copy, as if to give us respite from the flat and poorly scripted dialogue. However, like a traffic accident I want to look again.
May 28, 2012
I wish I could give this seven stars. Watch it yesterday.
May 28, 2012
Groundbreaking and influencial
May 28, 2012
Any film with the tagline, "if you've got guts... he wants them" is worthy of anyone's attention, right?

May 28, 2012
Clearly a low budget, indy film. That's the only reason it gets a full star. I developed a severe headache several hours after viewing this. I'm sure the movie is to blame.
½ May 28, 2012
Nightbeast is just pure hilariously bad fun. This sci-fi horror schlockfest stars a batch of director Don Dohler's friends and family who take on a hulking and deadly alien that crashlands to Earth one night. In the first 15 minutes alone, there are over a dozen people killed, either by the alien's hilarious ray gun or by brute force. Not even Dohler's kids are safe in this movie (who make a brief appearance). Apart from the atrocious love scene, this film isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. There are plenty of corny and funny moments, but this film is out there to entertain people, and Nightbeast accomplishes that. High body count, funny creature and gore effects, a few titties here and there. What's not to love about this film? Definitely worthy of being a cult hit. Please, if you are expecting greatness, don't bother with this film. You'll only fuck up the rating system with your stupid rating for a movie you shouldn't have watched. This is purely for fans of cheese!
Super Reviewer
May 28, 2012
I defy any It?s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan not to sing ?Daybeast!  Fighter of the Nightbeast?? every time they hear the title.
May 28, 2012
I wonder what this is about, i think ill see it!
May 28, 2012
This is amazing the FX are genius and it's a TRUE LOW BUDGET SCI-FI Horror classic and TROMA own it WATCH IT
½ July 23, 2011
Nightbeast is a bad movie but probably one of the most fun and ridiculously entertaining pieces of Troma that can exist. Drago is the best character. Somewhere between being terrible and great Nightbeast deserves something more than obscurity.
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