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July 25, 2008
A childhood favorite!!
June 18, 2013
The original 1980's "Scream Queens" rejoin for the zany Horror Comedy, NIGHTMARE SISTERS! When three nerdy sorority sisters become possessed by a magic crystal, their dates are left to fend for themselves against the sex-starved seductresses! Here, Linnea Quigley, Brinke Stevens, and Michelle Bauer are given the chance to prove themselves more than ever. Not only are they asked to play out of type as the nerdy college girls, but they are set before the camera for exceedingly long bits of dialog, which they pull off splendidly. They are more enjoyable than ever in these goofy roles, hamming it up in the extreme. After getting zapped by the evil spirits within the crystal ball, however, they turn up the heat during a lengthy bathing scene while doing as little as possible to locate their missing articles of clothing throughout the rest of the film. David DeCoteau is well at home directing half-naked men running around in their underwear, and gives the film a signature quality that could only have come out of the 80s. NIGHTMARE SISTERS is a camp classic, and a must-see for fans of 80s cheese.

-Carl Manes
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