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½ August 22, 2014
Directors Dom Lenior and Tim Osgood's "Nightscape: Dark Reign Of Thanatos" is a fantasy film that finds man in an epic battle against the gods. After creating the earth, the god Zelos, out of boredom created two sons in his own image. Charged with upholding his kingdom Aevum and Thanatos enter into a great battle against one another, Thanatos poisoned with evil and Aevum the righteous one wage a war that could threaten the very existence of the world. The film stars Henry Amphlett, Tania Baressi and Julian Lamoral-Roberts.

"Nightscape" has a pretty simple premise but a very in-depth story. The film is dialog heavy with brooding philosophical edicts that keep the film in a very dark and heavy place. The acting at times feels mediocre yet as a whole the cast creates a very tense and serious atmosphere that shines through making the story very entertaining. The action is at a minimal as far as major choreographed battles but the sequences that do provide those thrilling moments of conflict are well done. The film relies mostly on the dialog to tell the story accented by well produced backdrops that blend together gamer quality CGI with live action without seeming cheap and cartoonish. I was pleasantly surprised at just how well the production of this film was considering it is a low budget Indie film.

"Nightscape" is not something new as far as the fantasy genre goes. The story is one that echoes throughout many films like this but the characters are creatively imagined and the film manages to be entertaining and theologically strong in its philosophic maturity. There are a few moments were the film becomes slightly mundane and rudimentary but overall this movie is a pretty good fantasy film. If you go into it expecting high budget CGI action then you will be disappointed. If however you except that this is a low budget Indie film then you could be pleasantly surprised by this age old saga.
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