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February 13, 2019
It's just so visually stunning and beautiful and different that I think that if you're an animation fan it's definitely one that you should have seen.
November 21, 2018
You'd be hard-pressed to find a better cast in any film this year.
November 4, 2018
Day-Lewis shows a previously unseen penchant for song and dance. Cruz, though, is the real star turn with a very sexy number. But in parts it's flat, and some more melodrama or plot would not have gone amiss.
October 8, 2018
It's a funny and not the least bit disingenuous moment that speaks to both the power of good storytelling to draw in people regardless of creed, and to the power glamor has over even the most ascetic individuals
January 16, 2018
Though the film is uneven, it is worth seeing for the good parts. Daniel Day-Lewis does a credible job.
July 11, 2015
It's an over-the-top, eye-popping musical that doesn't completely satisfy, especially compared to it's original source classic.
February 14, 2012
March 11, 2011
It has a lot to gnaw on, but it's worth gnawing on.
December 31, 2010
Sensual musical about love and art has mature themes.
August 9, 2010
Nine is a searing, carthartic dissection of the creative process; as much as it celebrates the trappings accumulated by those who succeed, it is also an engrossing examination of the deeply-troubled mindset that gets them there.
April 2, 2010
An uneven arrangement of musical numbers surrounding a stage-to-screen adaptation that was a screen-to-stage adaptation in the first place.
March 25, 2010
Nine combines a dream cast with a dreamy script and score for a thoughtful and enjoyable musical about art, life and love.
January 31, 2010
The lasting impression of Rob Marshall's musical Nine is almost... but not quite.
January 21, 2010
Every song is a character reading with a revelation to convey as Guido desperately tries to sort out his future as artist, husband and lover.
January 21, 2010
Looking fabulously expensive and fairly raunchy, Marshall's elaborate treatment here's helped immeasurably, of course, by that amazing international female cast.
January 20, 2010
Despite the A-list cast, this musical tale of a 1960's Italian film director with writer's block lacks the sense of passion, mystery and pain that should accompany any journey into the imagination of frustrated artistic genius.
January 19, 2010
The film's only fault is that it lacks the driving narrative force that Marshall had with Chicago, which may be the fault of the original author of the libretto, but it results in the film losing momentum between the awesome musical sequences.
January 17, 2010
Nine is bold enough to embrace Fellini's self-defeating smirk about movies being "dead" as soon as they leave their creator's mind.
January 5, 2010
A musical feast for the mind and the eye; Marion Cotillard steals the show
January 5, 2010
Enjoyable, but lighter, slighter and a good deal less offensive to feminists than Fellini's film.
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