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October 4, 2013
Watched on Netflix and not in 3D. It was alright, some cool stunts and a lot of stupid ones too.
September 22, 2013
These guys are great! I would love hanging with these guys watching them do their stunts. This movie was put together very well
½ September 10, 2013
I'm really 50/50 on this one. On one hand, some of the stunts are amazing. On the other hand, most of the group lacks any personality whatsoever.

This is the sister show to Jackass, while Jackass has more stupid and funny, the Nitro Circus has more death-defying stunts. At least I can tell all the Jackass guys apart.

I watched a few of these shows on MTV way back, but not enough to get familiar with the cast. There is, of course Travis Pastrana, the star. Then there is the girl, the fat guy, the slightly less fat guy, and all the rest of the guys, who all have their DC shirts and flat-brim hats. These guys all blend in and don't separate themselves from one another, so much so that when one guy gets seriously injured, I found myself saying "which guy is that again?". Just because you have a five minute segment in the beginning of the movie telling the backstory of ten different people, it doesn't mean your finished character building.

That girl does stunts, why wasn't she doing stunts in the movie?

The story of Wheelz is such a great story, why wasn't he a bigger part of the movie? That part actually moved me in the beginning, then they take him out till the end of the movie.

Then they put the redneck in, who screws up his stunts and still makes the movie. Why?

Why do you start a movie, saying Travis Pastrana is this generations Evil Knevil, and then you don't have him do stunts until the end of the movie? It makes absolutely no sense. Why not just push the base jumping stunt in the beginning to the end and start with one of Pastrana's stunts?

The documentary style feel saves this movie. There's no way these guys could carry it on their own. Channing Tatum, Johnny Knoxville, Rob Dyrdek, Jeff Tremaine and Ryan Sheckler provide interviews and inject some desperately needed personality into this movie.

With all the problems I had with this movie, they do get points for coming up with some absolutely incredible stunts.

You might not want to buy it, but it's worth a dollar rental or a watch on Netflix streaming.
½ August 14, 2013
Some good stunts overall, but except from Streetbike Tommy, the cast is not likable at all (mostly douches). The editing is pretty bad ... Interviews are ok.
August 10, 2013
Where Jackass is 25% danger with 75% pure stupidity, Nitro Circus flips that right around... Now let me get something straight. If you're not a fan of extreme sports, then this is not a movie for you. If you do not care for any form of stunts involving anything with a motor and/or wheels, this is not a movie for you. If you love both of those things I mentioned, this movie is most definitely for you. For those who followed the television show and the people involved with it, this is a lot of fun. Now, I didn't see this movie in 3D, but I have to say I highly doubt that it makes much of a difference (but then again, I loved Jackass in 3D). 3D gimmick aside, this is a very entertaining ride for those who love to watch extreme sports stunts. Trust me, these guys take it to a whole other level... Judging it as a movie itself, it's nothing too special and I'm sure this movie could have been made some television special on MTV instead of being brought to the (selected) big screen. But guess what? I had a lot of fun watching it. I loved watching the tv show. And I love watching these guys do things I couldn't possibly imagine doing. Jackass is cool and all, but these guys are (arguably) much more entertaining to watch.
Super Reviewer
August 3, 2013
Nitro Circus's feature film didn't quite have the same success as those that Jackass put out, but in reality they're not too far apart. This movie is fun for what it is, and what it is, is a bunch of fearless(at least they appear that way) extreme sport athletes doing crazy stunts. The crazy stunts range from tricycle double backflips to seeing how many times they can roll a car. None of these ideas are too bright, but they all seem to work out in an entertaining and dangerous way. The film is basically just watching the different experiments in pain and danger. In-between there are interviews with different people and we also count down the time until the teams first live show in Las Vegas. 

The film is alright for what it is. These aren't my favorite things to watch, but I do find everyone in the Nitro Circus crew to be likable. In the end, you should no whether you'll get any enjoyment out of this all before even starting it. If you like watching people cause injury to themselves then it may be worth a look, if not, stay away because that is all this is.
June 30, 2013
Here's a hint to the Nitro boys: less talking, more stunts. Jackass and Dirty Sanchez teams don't sit around saying dude into the camera; they throw themselves recklessly into danger every 5 seconds. Instead, we sit here for more than half the film watching boring interviews and people yelling incoherently at each other. There's no humor and no creativity. An absolute waste of time.
June 5, 2013
If you like extreme sports, this is pretty entertaining. They're all nuts
½ May 17, 2013
Great look at all the work they do to make it happen, crazy stuff.
½ May 11, 2013
these guys are awesome
½ May 2, 2013
These guys are crazy, but it makes for a good movie.
April 9, 2013
It was ok to watch but I didn't get all the hype.
½ April 7, 2013
Few laughs, nothing new.
April 5, 2013
It's a jackass ripoff but there are some cool things to be seen here.
½ April 4, 2013
It's about doing crazy stuff for the sake of crazy stuff. You can't look at it like a real movie. If you like watching people do crazy stuff you should enjoy it. If you don't then it is not for you. This is obviously not a movie for critics. I am not sure why they even reviewed it. There is nothing deeper to it than a quest for various adrenaline highs. I thoroughly enjoyed.
½ April 4, 2013
Looking forward to this one today. Looks like a Jackass reboot.
April 1, 2013
Some good stunts. I like the comedy of Jackass more though.
March 30, 2013
Class compilation of crazy ass stunts. Love it
March 29, 2013
very good better than jackass
March 25, 2013
Entertaining, watching them do some crazy stunts.
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