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November 4, 2016
somebody up front musta loved this 1
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July 22, 2011
Cast: Margaret Sullivan, Wendell Corey, Viveca Lindfors, Natalie Wood, John McIntire, Ann Doran, Dorothy Tree, Richard Quine, Jeanette Nolan

Director: Rudolph Mate

Summary: Rudolph Mate directs this sentimental melodrama about a ridiculously self-sacrificing wife based on the book by Ruth Southard and starring a 12-year-old Natalie Wood. Mary Scott (Margaret Sullavan) is... read more pregnant when she finds out that she has terminal cancer with only a few months left to live. She keeps this information a secret from her husband, Brad Scott (Wendell Corey), who is carrying on an affair with his assistant, Chris Radna (Viveca Lindfors).

My Thoughts: "A beautiful story about a strong mother and wife who struggles in silence with her disease and the acceptance that she is dying. Her husband Brad is fascinated by Chris and even starts a somewhat affair with her which infuriates you but you also believe that he's absolutely in love with his wife. Instead of ripping into Brad like a wife these days would, she sees this as an opportunity for Brad to be happy after she is gone, and sees Chris as someone who may be a good mother to her young Polly. Chris is not someone you will hate even though you want too. Great story."
July 21, 2011
Lovely & Poignantly Beautiful.A Selfless Mother(Margaret Sullavan) learns she has cancer & decides to keep it a secret but encourage her husband(Wendell Corey) to find a girlfriend to be be a replacement Mother to her daughter(a very young Natalie Wood).
This must be the catalyst for a sim story years later with Susan Sarandon, Step Mom
July 20, 2011
good weepy sorta melodrama about a woman who finds out she has 10 months to live and decides to keep it from her husband & family.
½ January 22, 2008
Realistic, and touching. The story about a woman more courageous than anyone.
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