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No somos nadie (God is on Air) Reviews

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½ December 10, 2007
Good movie about the power of media and religion. its in spanish and fast subtitles but still a good modern movie
October 9, 2007
If you are easily offended, don't watch this film. If you find a modern-day Christ figure to be sacreligious or irreverent, don't go down this path. However, if you can see Christ in a homeless man, this movie may be well worth it. Be ready for being challenged in areas you might not want to be.
September 10, 2007
Was recommended to me to see it. I'm so glad I did.
June 14, 2007
die and burm in hell
½ June 7, 2007
de mis peliculas favoritas porque esta muy bien creen en la censura del mensaje y eso lo hace ser muy original
½ January 23, 2007
The reflective evils of organised religion and television. A film which will, by turns, make you smile ruefully, and shake your head with recognition.
December 11, 2006
i would like to see this
December 1, 2006
borrows more than a little from network, but still retains it's own style by focusing more on the foulness of the tv veiwer than the dirty dealins of the executives. a well made movie well worth the watch.
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