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June 10, 2017
Enjoyable movie about NYC life. Jimmy Stewart and Rosalind Russell.
½ June 5, 2017
Although not among the best films that either star made, still it is a fairly good flick from the Golden Age of American films.
June 2, 2014
gr8 cast + director= fun moivie
½ March 31, 2011
Rather tepid and times chaotic comedy with a first half reminiscent of "Mr. Deeds goes to town". Even though both Rosalind Russell and James Stewart are giving it all they can, the film never quite rises above average.
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June 12, 2010
This is a solid movie about a new playwright that makes a hit comedy. All the while he falls in love with the main star. Hits follow and a marriage. But he feels it is time to make a serious play. But will people accept it is the question. Part comedy and part drama this was a solid film. James Stewart was great in his role. He helped make this a much better movie. His co star Rosalind Russell is also quite good in this. This was not one of James Stewart better films but it was still a solid watch. It was funny to see so many people just smoking in almost every scene. The film is a bit dated but is still worth watching. For any fan of James Stewart should check this out for his performance.
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½ May 1, 2010
Jaunty comedy-drama with the two stars well matched. They receive excellent support from every one else in the cast but Louise Beavers stands out as their sassy maid Clementine. Some of the attitudes are dated particularly in respect to alcohol consumption but putting that into the perspective of the time this is a great way to spend a couple of hours.
½ April 9, 2010
top drawer A movie that is still a delight 2 re-watch. the type of all star cast that was only possible in the golden studio era.
December 20, 2009
I will see anything with Jimmy Stewart. No, really. This film felt long and not particularly interesting, but I stuck it out just to see him act in it. Rosalind Russell is interesting as well - intriguing somehow, but not for her looks. The final scene when she calls "author" is great *tear* :)
July 24, 2008
really good
must see
½ July 23, 2008
"I thought you was in Hollywood.
- I'm, ah, out on parole."
July 6, 2008
It's not Rosalind Russell's most acclaimed performance, but it's one of my favorites of hers.
½ July 5, 2008
Sags a bit in the second half but boy the first 20-30 minutes are just excellent. A bit different than your typical romantic comedy. Can't beat that cast, if you're a Rosalind Russell fan it's a can't miss.
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July 5, 2008
Rosalind Russell knocks me out. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her in this comedy turning to near tragedy. Except for the sudden happy ending, this is a perfect example of how pure comedy can be transformed to near tragedy in a brilliant manipulation of the script and the audience. It's as if this movie has an absolute split personality. Depending on what mood you're in when you watch it, you may very much appreciate the abrupt about face at the end: Jimmy Stewart and Russell managing to snatch happiness from the jaws of despair. If I'd had a chance to go over the script, however, I'd have left them separated, in the tradition more of Shaw's Pygmalion rather than the Hollywoodesque My Fair Lady. This one is a joy for any Stewart fans and pure pleasure for Russell fans. Like Irene Dunne, she is one of the smartest actresses ever to grace the silver screen. For this one, and for classic favorites such as Auntie Mame, I must add her to my all-time favorite actors list.
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