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½ February 18, 2013
Surprisingly, Lars adheres to the principles of Dogma more in his shorts that in his full-length features
August 24, 2010
This is an early short-film from Lars Von Trier. As so often before it's dark and odd. It's an okay film, but not among his best.
September 6, 2009
Short-film by Trier. I liked, beautiful, visual.
July 27, 2009
An early Lars von Trier short that is infinitely atmospheric with eye-catching dark cinematography highlighting primary colors. The opening I recommend to all film students - it's stunning visually and auditory. The story is about a woman with some sort of eye impediment; this of course relates to nocturnal animals and how they have eyes better suited for the night. I read that Lars von Trier has a fear of flying and this story is probably a channel for that. Arty and visually gorgeous.
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