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Non Ma Fille, Tu N'iras Pas Danser (Making Plans for Lena) Reviews

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½ April 9, 2015
Perhaps a difficult film, but one that is worth the watch. I could not decide if I detested or felt empathy for the title character -- which is one of the reasons this film has a bit of magic within it.
½ May 21, 2012
I did not lose hope until the very last minute, that there would be an interesting twist in the plot. And then I did lose hope. :-(
January 24, 2012
Chiara attendra Les Biens Aimà (C)s pour un vrai joli premier rôle.
½ November 1, 2010
Chiara Mastroianni (...)
September 18, 2010
A step down for Honore, but still rather great.
½ August 26, 2010
I watched it with my friends. We all loved it.......0K
August 9, 2010
what was with the dance intermission?
March 28, 2010
Disappointing, for Christophe Honore's piece, once again. San Sebastian's critic at ã??Varietyã?? is right, this film has linked me back to what I've watched from the same genre these years, like Arnaud Desplechin's ã??A Christmas Taleã??, or even Olivier Assayas' ã??Summer Hoursã??- lack of their sparkles & delicacy however. Almost all characters (including my beloved Louis Garrel who is just cameo in it) is lifeless & functionless but only circling around Chiara Mastroianni's core character Lena. Honore's deliberate pragmatism in narrative makes the already cliched story further dreary & uninteresting. When will the amusing Christophe Hoonore, who had given out the marvelous ã??In Parisã??, ã??Love Songsã??, be back?
March 25, 2010
i wish every movie was written and directed by christophe honore.
February 28, 2010
Beau portrait d'une jeune femme névrosée, dans lequel Honoré radicalise son usage de la digression narrative. La séquence de la légende de Katell est splendide.
February 16, 2010
film difficile à suivre .... bof bof
½ February 5, 2010
film francais monotone par excellence
meme si chiara mastroianni joue tres bien
January 28, 2010
Dans la grande tradition intimiste française des Sautet, Téchiné,... Christophe Honoré raconte la chronique d'une séparation, de la fragilisation d'une mère, de l'emprise de l'entourage familial (parents, soeur, ex...). Et il le fait plutôt très bien. Un grand rôle pour Chiara Mastroianni. A voir.
½ January 27, 2010
psychological atmosphere film
story of a family , two sisters a brother,
typical french
½ December 20, 2009
Comme a chaque fois, Christophe Honore fait mouche.
½ November 19, 2009
Torino Film Festival 2009
½ October 5, 2009
An interesting life's chronic with some good dialogues.
October 4, 2009
de bons acteurs mais trop noir !
September 27, 2009
Joli film torturé sur les sentiments familiaux.
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