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August 10, 2016
An excellent independent film! James Badge Dale and Gillian Jacobs and the ensemble cast are fantastic! A pleasant surprise to find after I was looking for more of Gillian Jacob's work.
January 20, 2016
There's nothing particularly wrong about creating a serious film that seriously addresses its subject matter, but Lindboe keeps the film so relentlessly overwrought that it's difficult to sympathize with any of the characters and, even more troubling, difficult for the film itself to sustain its emotional impact.
½ January 7, 2013
Wow heavy duty movie,,a must sse,great performances!!
April 30, 2012
I really liked the movie. Very realistic view of small town Wisconsin life in the 1980's.
April 21, 2012
I'm not just saying this because I'm in it, but this is an extremely well-done piece of independent filming. I hope Dan Hopman catches the eye of other filmmakers because he was brilliant.
March 29, 2012
A true Wisconsin story that will touch your heart and bring back those nostalgic memories of being a teenager searching for the answers, but scared to move on.
January 29, 2012
To go into full details about the plot would only ruin the story for those wanting to see it so I will stop there. "Nonames" is a story about a group of friends, sure the focus is on Kevin and his life in the small town he refuses to leave but you also get to know each and every friend of his and a few locals as well like his boss, Ed. These are characters that you care about and even relate to which is why the film is so hard to watch at times. There are happy times and even some humor in the film which is very funny but mostly it's a doom and gloom look at life in a small town that like it's residents is fighting to stay alive. A realistic, honest portrayal of small town U.S.A., I was taken in from the opening scene and through the film's many characters and dramatic moments. I was willing to invest my time in hopes everything turned out good for everyone.

The cast is many but everyone did an outstanding job bringing their characters to life. James Badge Dale is amazing as Kevin, he brings so much emotion to his character that it pulls on your heart strings and Gillian Jacobs is just as wonderful as his girlfriend CJ. The film also features veteran actor, Barry Corbin and he delivers a terrific performance as well but we have come to expect it from him.

Beautifully shot with gorgeous countryside scenery, you can easily tell a lot of heart went into making the film. "Nonames" is a powerful and dramatic film that moves you and it leaves you thinking about it long after it's over. An Independent masterpiece that is one of this year's must-see films.

Winner for Best Director, Best Ensemble Cast and Special Jury Acting Achievement Award for Gillian Jacobs - Phoenix Film Festival. If there were more films like "Nonames" going to the cinema would be a much more rewarding time.
May 4, 2011
As we sat for the fifth, yes fifth, time in a movie house watching NONAMES all we could think of was, "When and where will it be showing again so we can see it on the Big Screen?" (It has been shown in magnificently restored old movie houses.) You can sit and watch a movie on your TV but when it is over, do you ever say, "Wow, I felt like I was right there in the movie."? That is the special feeling you get seeing NONAMES in the theater. You feel that you are transported to a rural small town; you experience the life-sized cast with life-sized joys, problems, comedy and heartaches. You are as much a part of them as they become a part of you. You are able to vividly see the beauty and details of the film surrounded by an eclectic soundtrack that can only be properly felt and absorbed in a big theater. The movie NONAMES is about life and growing up in rural America--my town, your town, any town. It could have been me or you that the story was about instead of Kevin, CJ, Miller, Rich, Dave, Simon, Danny, Carter, Steph, Molly, Ed, etc. Watching it in the theater gives you the feeling that you were right there walking with them. We have heard many comments after the movie was over like: "How did they know that about my life?"? "The movie really hit close to home!" "It was an easy movie to relate to."? "It was easy to relate to the characters."? "I felt it captured that small town Wisconsin feel."? "The cast all made us feel "there" with them!"? "I thought the camera work and editing was spectacular and highlighted the great cast and emotion throughout the story."? "I was truly moved by this film. I want to watch it again."? "It was like a time warp for me - so many things looked the same, it was almost hard to believe it was set in the current time. However, given the current economy, it probably could have been set in Any small town, USA."? See it at a theater soon.
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