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December 8, 2017
Rob Schneider is DERP DERP DERP DERP Until one day DERP DERP DERP DERP!!!! Behold, the 9th worst animated movie, Norm Of The North. Starring DERPPP DERPP DERP DERP!!!!!!!!
½ December 5, 2017
I COULD rate The Emoji Movie the same rating, as it does have many of the same problems this horseshit has, but there's a few reasons why I didn't:

1. The animation is competent.
2. The story, while stupid, is at least coherent.
3. There are like 1 or 2 jokes that were funny.
and 4. The voice actors tried.

But THIS... this is insanity. Insanity with some of the most childish gags you'll ever see in a film.
½ November 29, 2017
I HATED this movie. The whole time I was in the theater I was so bored i almost fell asleep!
November 23, 2017
BEST MOVIE OF 2016.A modern classic that should be studied in all film schools around the world.Norm of the north stands out to me as the best moment of my life. Rob synder is the most underrated ACTOR of our generation.Please give this a 5 star and stand strong like norm did for the north.Hail NORM FOR THE WORLD IS HIS DOMAIN!
November 20, 2017
½ October 27, 2017
This is one of the worst animated films of all time! The animation is garabage, the jokes are unfunny, the plot does not make any sense and the characters are so annoying and obnoxious! I can not stand this garbage, if I could give it 0 stars I would but because I can't I have to give it half a star! Do not watch it! I am never watching this atrosity ever again in my life!
October 27, 2017
I remembered watching this movie on Netflix and it is just painful. the humor is unpleasnt ,it has a obvious environmental message ,the writing is abysmal, it has one of the most insuffrablable animation since Barnyard and there's absolutely no character to care about.
½ October 24, 2017
its kind of the worst movie that ever dared to show its ugly face at your local movie theater
½ October 13, 2017
I wish I can give this trash a 0 out of 5 Happy Faces. Because there's NOTHING good that can come out of this animated movie. It's disgraceful to animated movies, and animation in general!
½ October 7, 2017
The worst animated movie in years.
½ October 4, 2017
This is one of Rob Schneider's absolute WORST pieces of garbage ever made! If you don't believe me watch the NC on YouTube see exactly why this movie proves that Schneider can't do anything right.
September 17, 2017
Bull Crap Movie Ever
August 30, 2017
even kids found that boring
August 22, 2017
Had no right being in theaters. Should have been a direct to DVD movie like food fight.
August 18, 2017
i'm not looking forward to this ....but since i'm a critic
August 15, 2017
Norm of the north is one the greatest movies I have ever seen(the best being the oogieloves in the big balloon adventure) and if there is one movie I think could be better than this one it would have to be the Emoji Movie
August 11, 2017
One of those movies that is so bad it's good.
½ August 7, 2017
Oh god were do I start with norm of the north ok. It is one of the worst animated films of all time. not really much to say
August 6, 2017
NOrm of the NOrth. basically NO. me is NOt interested. NO NO NO NO NO.
August 6, 2017
deserves to burn in hell
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