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May 20, 2012
Certainly one of the best things ever to happen to television.
½ August 6, 2004
Guess what.
I'm back.

And we now have DirecTV.
So I now watch The Discovery Channel, ESPN, and other stuff in disgustingly perfect High Definition.

July 10, 2004
I have to say that "Northern Exposure" is quite possibly the best American TV show...ever. Then again, I'm not too big of a fan of American TV. If you don't know, here's the plot-line: Joel Fleischman recently graduated from Columbia Med school. The state of Alaska paid his way through med school in return for four years of medical service. Thinking he's going to Anchorage, he accepts his fate and boards the plane. When he gets there, circumstances are such that he is not needed in Anchorage and is sent instead to the Alaskan Riviera...Cicely.
Needless to say, it is a very small town with some very peculiar folks. The first Cicilian we meet is Ed, by far my favorite character. He is a young native boy in a leather jacket and jeans. Very smiley. I love him. Then we meet Maurice Minnifield, the towns "rich guy". He owns something outrageous like 15,000 acres of land and has a huge house with guns, dead animal art, and a very nice 1960-something Caddillac convertible. Anyway, the cast of characters ranges from sweet-but-strange native americans to practical handy women to an obnixious New York Jewish doctor. All of the characters are still likeable, even though there is tension on every front. Well, maybe Maurice isn't that likeable but as the season goes on, you kind of warm up to him. Hell, I even like Shelly and I never liked her watching reruns on A&E. She is a little annoying but each character, taken for who they are supposed to be, is very loveable.

It's smart, it's funny, it's insightful. I recommend it very highly.
And John Corbett is in it. He was sooooooo....mmmm.
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