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May 19, 2013
A bit corny by current standards, but well done. Nice action in final scenes.
½ February 15, 2013
Starring Errol Flynn. Nazi's infiltrate the wilds of Canada and Canadian Mountie, Errol Flynn saves the day.
½ December 27, 2012
A cool (no pun intended) spy thriller that pits Errol Flynn against the Nazis in the unlikeliest of places, northern Canada.
June 20, 2012
good actioner-WB style
½ June 5, 2011
Not really an original plot, but it's interesting to see Errol Flynn chasing after Nazis in Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba. (49th Parrallel is a better "Nazis in Winnipeg" film, though.)
August 29, 2010
Adventure picture about Nazi spies in Canada and a German Canadian trying to bring them in. It's a pretty straight forward WW2 adventure. What makes it stand out is Flynn dealing with the prejudice of the time.
½ August 11, 2010
Pretty much everything that happens in this movie is just plain dumb. The makers of this thing could not have known it at the time but during world war two only one German/Axis prisoner of war ever escaped in Canada and he did it before 1941 when the Americans came into the war. In this movie the number of such escapees is much higher. I must admit, if you know anything about Errol Flynn the last line in the movie is quite funny. If you plan to watch this movie and enjoy it at all you are going to have to work very hard to suspend your disbelief, especially if you're a Canadian. I mean not one person ever says, "eh," in the entire movie. You can almost see the actors thinking about things going on in their life outside the movie as they deliver their performances. "I get my new car this week." "I have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning." "I wonder how I did on the audition for that other movie?" "Who do I have to sleep with to get out of this movie?" "Oh, good, they're shooting my character today." Anyway, it got made and there it is. I cannot recommend this to you.
July 26, 2010
good actioner/adv enture yarn
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