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March 5, 2009
for someone who loves these sorts of stories, it would be a fantastic movie
January 16, 2009
I prepared myself for a tearjerker; what I didn't prepare for was an outright gusher.
November 29, 2008 of contemporary cinema's most compelling and flat-out indelible love stories.
October 18, 2008
A potently rich story about the power of love, The Notebook is heartbreakingly beautiful and achingly real.
August 7, 2008
Ssomehow Cassavetes pulls it off -- thanks mainly to sensitive performances and pretty Hallmark-card cinematography by Robert Fraisse.
May 23, 2007
A sentimental film filled with flashbacks and clichés.
September 27, 2006
A thoughtful, emotionally rich film in which we see that great love, like deep faith, is forged on doubt, trials, and hardships. Only then does it deliver its deepest rewards.
June 24, 2006
Amid the sticky-sweet swamp of Jeremy Leven's script, Rowlands and Garner emerge spotless and beatific, lending a near-miraculous credibility to their scenes together.
May 26, 2006
I cannot believe I'm about to recommend a movie as clogged with melodramatic treacle as Nick Cassavetes' adaptation of The Notebook.
July 25, 2005
... one gets the sense that director Nick Cassevetes and writer Jan Sardi would spray the audience with teargas if they could.
July 21, 2005
The Notebook is a weepie of the most artificial and insistent variety, the kind that holds viewers hostage and expects them to pay in body fluids. Will it jerk your tears? Maybe. Or maybe you'll just feel jerked around.
March 28, 2005
Um romance sensível e emocionante que leva o espectador a se importar com o destino de seus tocantes personagens.
March 18, 2005
Whether someone can enjoy The Notebook or not depends much of the mood in which the viewers find themselves.
March 14, 2005
It's an interesting piece of counter programming on New Line's part, the only question is why didn't it go direct to cable?
February 23, 2005
Two parts idiotic romance, one part offensive melodrama.
February 18, 2005
A fine tale that will leave romantics everywhere misty eyed.
January 29, 2005
*There's nothing about The Notebook that isn't either lazy or dismissive of its audience.
January 5, 2005
A mawkish romance; one of the year's 10 worst
October 25, 2004
September 18, 2004
The Notebook doesn't give you a postcard-pretty plot, like most romance flicks. Instead, it shows you the fights, bickering and disagreements that go on in a relationship. And how true love ultimately triumphs that.
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