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½ September 5, 2014
I understand why this film is respected. The lead actors are exceptional and the film is experimental in the way "the story" is presented. But, for me, I really could not understand the dynamics of this relationship. That being stated, I was not sorry for having watched it. Some of the ideas floated around my head for several days and, even though I may not have really understood these two characters, their actions and choices were very interesting.
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June 11, 2012
In "We Won't Grow Old Together," Catherine(Marlene Jobert) and Jean(Jean Yanne) have been having an affair for six years. Despite his being married for eleven years to Francoise(Macha Meril) and Jean and Catherine's apparent inability to get along together, Jean decides he wants to move to the next level with his mistress by retrieving his grandmother's engagement ring.(If one were of a cynical outlook, then one could say that Jean's tragedy comes from treating his mistress like his wife and his wife like his mistress.) However, even though she has long wanted to get married by the age of 25, Catherine balks at this proposal which drives Jean further up the wall. In case you are wondering, frequent traveler Francoise has long known about this affair, as do Catherine's parents(Christine Fabrega & Jacques Galland). Only in France.

You can have your flashy alien invasions. I'll take a dreary domestic drama, any day, thank you very much. And with "We Won't Grow Old Together," we have the 1972 World Passive Agressive Champions. What stops the movie from fully succeeding is not the volume level, but the movie's structure, jumping from one episode of arguing and put-downs(rat thighs?) to another, possibly making the audience wonder if the couple hadn't already...before the movie eventually just comes to a halt. So, maybe a non-chronological structure would have been the way to go.
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December 12, 2011
what a sad state of affairs that this fantastic film doesn't even have a poster. probably the most emotional truth i've ever encountered in a movie
½ December 21, 2009
Not my favourite Pialat, though I've only wtahced one other, but still, it might be that I understood little of it because It felt like I had a hard time being sympathetic though it could, as with the other film, the director tries his best to put a distance on the audience, to dissect it clearly and considering this was based on his own life, I found the cross-section satisfying on the bizarre nature of adult love and the point being hardest on the word love.
January 30, 2009
Le film qui revela Pialat au grand public, son deuxieme, et quelle claque ! Sans plans inutiles, sans lourdeur de recit, la separation a petit feu d'un couple qui s'aime sans s'aimer. Le cote biographique de Pialat est evident, ne serait-ce que dans le personnage de Yanne, qui livre par ailleurs une performance remarquable. Face a lui, Marlene Jobert, fragile, innocente, parfaite. Pialat met sa camera au service de ses acteurs, privilegiant le plan-sequence au montage avec beaucoup de plans. L'apparente austerite est trompeuse, et le film degage une puissance emotive peu commune, qui ne laissera personne indifferent. Du tres grand art.
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