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Now You See Me Quotes

  • Merritt McKinney: If by "has-been" you're referring to me, I just wanna say I'm flattered, because I always considered myself a never-was.

  • Merritt McKinney: Isn't there a proud tradition in the FBI of men wearing dresses? No shame, Agent Fuller. No shame.

  • J. Daniel Atlas: The closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see.

  • Jack Wilder: nothing's ever locked
    Jack Wilder: Nothing's ever locked.

  • Dylan Rhodes: I will be all over you like
    Dylan Rhodes: I will be all over you like...
    J. Daniel Atlas: like white on rice
    J. Daniel Atlas: white on rice.

  • Henley Reeves: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends

  • Merritt McKinney: When i first me you, i thought you were kind of a...dick.
    Merritt McKinney: When I first me you, I thought you were kind of a dick.
    J. Daniel Atlas: I'm touched.
    Merritt McKinney: Yeah.Just from the heart.
    Merritt McKinney: Yeah. Just from the heart.
    J. Daniel Atlas: Well,I didnt tell you where i was touched.
    J. Daniel Atlas: Well, I didn't tell you where I was touched.
    Merritt McKinney: Oh.You!..
    Merritt McKinney: Oh. You!

  • Jack Wilder: "We are the 4 horsemen"
    Jack Wilder: We are the four horsemen.

  • Thaddeus Bradley: The more you think you see, the less you'll actually notice

  • J. Daniel Atlas: I can do that trick 52 ways.
    Atlas Groupie: Can you do 52 tricks on me?
    J. Daniel Atlas: I'll see what I can do.

  • Dylan Rhodes: I'm not sure about this. These guys, they're tricky.
    Cowan: Rhodes, they're entertainers.

  • J. Daniel Atlas: What is magic? Focused deception. But deception meant to entertain.

  • Thaddeus Bradley: If you could reenact that look of absolute befuddlement, it would be perfect for the cover of my DVD.

  • Henley Reeves: Let me consider that offer for cheap and meaningless sex.
    Merritt McKinney: Well, cheap and meaningless, not time-consuming.

  • Henley Reeves: If, after the last year, we spend the next 20 years in jail, I--
    J. Daniel Atlas: I know. Me too.
    Merritt McKinney: That's too sentimental for me.

  • Arthur Tressler: Whatever you stand to make from this, I'll double it.
    Thaddeus Bradley: I stand to make $5 million.
    Arthur Tressler: Am I flinching?

  • J. Daniel Atlas: Rule #1 of magic, always be the smartest guy in the room.

  • Dylan Rhodes: Welcome to the eye.

  • Dylan Rhodes: I've been tracking myself!

  • J. Daniel Atlas: The closer you look the less you see.

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