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December 24, 2014
Mon film fétiche d'enfance pour Noël. Love it.
½ December 21, 2014
Revisit my childhood memory, my favourite adaptation of Tchaikovsky's ballet with a dark children's fairytale ended up too brisk and too conveniently.
½ July 9, 2014
It's tonally inconsistent and the animation has its ups and down, but for the most part the story stays in tact.
May 9, 2014
This movie was part of my childhood. I have to say it is one of the better adaptions to the Nutcracker story. Watch it when you get a chance.
December 22, 2013
This Animated Version Of The Classic Christmas Ballet, Seems To Be The Most Popular Film Version. This Low-Budget Animation Is Beautifully Animated, With A Good Script & Plot. The Film Features The Voices Of Kiefer Sutherland & Peter O'Toole. This Is A Fun Fast Paced Family Film, That's Very Well Made & Makes Some Great Viewing.
January 4, 2013
Even more than the story, I enjoyed the setting & the Russian Christmas feel of it all. And, of course, Tchaikovsky's music.
December 18, 2012
The Nutcracker Prince is adorable, the animation style dated but still a wonderfully enjoyable view.
November 30, 2012
I loved this as a child, and I love this still. This movie is part of my childhood, the best there ever was. ?
January 13, 2012
Now I'm very sure you've never heard of this movie in your life. And you could even be really wondering why I even bothered to watch this movie in the first place. Well, it basically goes something like this: when I was around 3-5 years old, there was one year during Christmas time where my mother was switching the channels and I was sitting next to her when we suddenly came across the last 20 minutes or so of this film. I remembered a fair bit of it and how I liked it, and so I wanted to see the whole movie. The bummer thing is I never really got the chance. So while I've been going to school, making friends, getting a summer job, graduating high school, getting the job I have now and taking classes from two colleges at once since then, I've been haunted in a sense over wanting to fully see the movie. So it wasn't until last year that I found it and borrowed it from the library. From there, I have found myself fully relieved to have completed that little boy's mission after 15-18 years. And after a little more than a year from that ultimate relief, I've finally gotten myself to review this film.

Plot: Set around the 19th century, the movie starts with a young girl named Clara and her family celebrating Christmas Eve. During the Christmas celebration with many of the family's friends, the mysterious Uncle Drosselmeier gives Clara a Nutcracker that she becomes very fond of. Uncle Drosselmeier tells Clara the story of how the Nutcracker was his nephew who was transformed into a nutcracker by the Mouse Queen for revenge over breaking her spell on the princess of a far away land. Later that night, Clara sneaks into the toy cabinet to play with the nutcracker while everyone is asleep. But suddenly Uncle Drosselmeier appears and uses magic so that the Nutcracker and all the other toys come to life to fight the now dead Mouse Queen's son, the Mouse King.

This is not really a good movie, but it could've been much better. What really killed it for me was when Uncle Drosselmeier was telling Clara the story about the Nutcracker and the animation was completely different. Basically the movie all of the sudden started to focus more on making Looney Toons kind of comedy. In a way it kind makes sense in terms of trying to get it into the younger crowd, but it's already an animated film so they don't need to go that far. There's plenty of cartoon humor even after Uncle Drosselmeir tells the story. So they should've stuck with the animation from the movie in general rather than make a whole total change of animation and style for just that particular part of the movie. And there were quite a couple of lines that just really didn't make sense. So the really good parts were just the last 20 minutes. I mean it may not be spectacular, but to me they set it up well enough to really work as a climax in my opinion. Plus what's kind weird yet interesting is that some of the voice actors are Peter O'Toole, Phyllis Diller and even Kiefer Sutherland.

Clara: Clara was an okay character. In a way they did a good job with her character, but at the same time, they left you with things about her that you wish they got more into such as her view about growing up.
Hanz/Nutcracker: He was good. Nuthun really stood out when it came to him. Really he was another one of those title characters where all the other characters in the film are shown way more than he is.
The Mouse King: He was decent villain, you have to like how they at least try to make him both evil and funny. Though apparently in the book, the Mouse King had seven heads so I wonder what it would've been like if they went with that.

Music: What mostly made the music good was that a lot of it was the score from the actual ballet of The Nutcracker. But the problem was that there was also music during the story Uncle Drosselmeier told that also didn't really work.

And that's my review for The Nutcracker Prince. It was not well made because the change of animation and style earlier in the film kinda ruined it. But the last 20 minutes was good enough even after 15-18 years of my view of film growing that I find it to be good enough to be one of those movies that I have a guilty pleasure over.
January 3, 2012
amoo esta peliculaaaa, la version que mas me gusta de el cascanueces
½ December 31, 2011
A Christmas movie that still ranks high among those that were released and adored by all. I watch it once a year without fail. The animation is different and pleasing. Voices and well cast. It whisks you off to the magical land of the dolls without being a Toy Story duplicate. A must see for sure!
Gavin the moviejunkie1994
Super Reviewer
December 19, 2011
I will admit, I have seen the Nutcracker adaptations including the Barbie version and the Macaulay Culkin version (in which I did enjoy it really), but I think that this animated gem is the most faithful to the E.T.A. Hoffman story and the ballet in which it was based on. I was disappointed by the mixed reviews from the critics on this website who said "the animation was shoddy" and I think that it has some nice background and the colors were so lovely. The character models are fabulous and the Princess Perlipat story was explained quite well in a Looney Tunes-esque style.

The voice acting is incredible. Megan Follows did great as Clara with her lovely voice, Phyllis Diller did a good job as the wicked and creepy Mousequeen, Peter O'Toole did great as Pantaloon who was so funny during the movie, Mike McDonald did a fantastic job portraying the funny and frightening Mouseking. Yes, there are some violence in a kids movie and would frighten those who are 8-12, but the action was very intense (I found that character a perfect description from the book since he was the one who had gotten so much abuse from his mother. In fact, I felt sorry for him). Peter Boretski did very good as Uncle Drosselmeier and let's not forget Kiefer Sutherland's amazing performance as Hans/The Nutcracker with just a right tone for the prince.

The music is the best aspect throughout the entire film. The sparkling motifs from his beautiful ballet score captured the spirit of the story with emotional moments where Clara decides to go back to her home and grow up instead of staying with the Nutcracker which is heartbroken and her final battle with a dying Mouseking.

The Nutcracker Prince is an enjoyable experience for me and I think this would be recommended to Nutcracker fans as not only one of the best Christmas films of all time, but one of the best Nutcracker adaptations to date from the classic 90s.
April 26, 2011
loved this when I was a kid.
April 25, 2011
I want to fight back against these reviews who did not enjoy this film. There is criticism here of the villain being killed in the finale (an ending most animated films boast and in some cases far more vividly then in this rather innocent outing) and stating the characters are static and unpleasant.

Nothing could be further then the truth. This enchanting title from my childhood featured only one moment when I could not watch without getting scared and that was the scene where the mouse queen cursed the beautiful Princess in the fairytale. Other then that I was quite happy to sit back and enjoy the magic.

I would like to point out in response to Entertainment weekly that the Mouse queen and the mouse king are the only abusive characters in the film and the only antagonisers. As such the mouse queen is abusive to her son, calling him stupid, while the parents and guardians of Clara and the Prince are loving and supportive characters who are always nurturing and never belittling.

Similarly Roger Ebert is very quick to criticize the film merely on the death of the villain. In both attempts to slay the mouse king the heroes do not provoke attack but rather run from the danger and try to respond non-violently as much as possible. The mouse king in both instances falls to his death with very little visual support from the film but more implied imagery. This is far different to say Anastasia where Rasputin deteriorates into ashes before the eye of the audience or the Black Cauldron where the Horned King's flesh is pulled from his bones before he implodes.

All in all the Nutcracker Prince is a charming affair where the good characters do not provoke or encourage violence but instead attempt to go on a magical adventure to save their friends and break the curse placed on the hero. If it weren't for the villains constantly trying to off them then there would be no violence at all. So lets let the violence go and stop criticizing this film on the actions of the bad guys when it is the messages put forth by the heroes that stick with the children of today. :)
April 24, 2011
Nice and charming movie marvelously surrounded by Tchaikovsky music, played by London Symphonic Orchestra
December 20, 2010
There have been so many different versions of THE NUTCRACKER is almost hard to keep track of them all. This animated retelling, subtitled THE NUTCRACKER PRINCE, draws upon elements from the E.T.A. Hoffman original, including a long (and very crudely animated) backstory involving the titular character's transformation. Then there is the ambiguity of whether young heroine Clara actually experiences her Christmas Eve adventure with the Nutcracker and the brutish, nasty Mouse King, for real or not. For the most part, it is a pleasant enough holiday timewaster, but there are times when it does seem to be imitative of Disney (the addition of a cuddly kitten sidekick who doesn't amount to much, for instance, as well as a pop song over the closing credits -- based VERY loosely on a passage from "The Waltz of the Flowers"), not always to useful effect. The animation itself (aside from the backstory), although colorful for the most part, is better suited to television standards. The vocal cast which includes the likes of Megan Follows, Phyllis Diller, and Peter Dorestki as well as Keifer Sutherland as the title character, is arguably the film's greatest strength (aside from snippets of the famous ballet score), but Peter O Toole is wasted in a lame cameo as a scatterbrained doll soldier. All in all, THE NUTCRACKER PRINCE will certainly appeal to kids and anyone looking for an attempt to incorporate elements from the Hoffman story, but it is nothing particularly outstanding (or unbearable, the Hard Nut story notwithstanding).
December 9, 2010
Possibly the most faithful of adaptations to the original story yet putting a comic spin on the Nutcracker's backstory erases whatever dramatic momentum this should have had.
October 19, 2010
this animated movie is an excitement. only saw it two years and still I was excited. the evil rat was so scary though.
September 25, 2010
One of my top childhood Christmas classics.
May 26, 2010
The animation's flat, the plot and dialogue sounds dull, and the movie is overall forgettable.
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