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May 13, 2017
This movie was lame, cliche, and misleading. Highly unreccomended
November 25, 2016
Amusing sequel-ish film is less focused on the character reprised / voiced by Jerry Lewis and more focused on his grandson voiced by Drake Bell. While the CGI allows for more zany things to happen, I can't help but wonder if this is slightly, "Too little, too late." Still, it is worth a look.
September 3, 2015
i got this for free at the salvation army is it at lest worth that?
½ July 23, 2013
An utterly pathetic and shameful animated sequel/reboot/whatever that fails on virtually every level.
February 28, 2013
Truly the Star Wars prequels of Jerry Lewis' career.
February 19, 2012
August 6, 2010
Wasn't too bad, the animations were weird though. Kind of predictable, but I love Drake so Pfft...
February 14, 2010
It was pretty stupid for the most part, had like 2 comical moments. The whole idea of it is dumb.
January 1, 2010
cukup tiga huruf: BAD
½ September 12, 2009
It's amazing how Jerry's original idea has gotten new life, first as remakes with Eddie Murphy and this as well as a new Broadway musical. This is primarily geared for the 10-year old set and is all about "BEING YOURSELF", a message they deliver with the subtly of a Joe Wilson at a joint session of congress. This may be Jerry's last movie however, and for Lewis fans you gotta see it. Glad to report he's fine in very limited footage. The fact he can slide into the Julius Kelp character so easily is not surprising. He's done it in other movies and on TV. What is a bit startling is his Buddy Love. It sounds just like he did in 1963 (though not quite as arrogant as that version. He is after all, here to help his grandson).
April 2, 2009
It was awsome! And the struggle between Harold and Jack is hilarious! And Jerry Lewis reprising his role as Professor Kelp/Buddy Love is awsome!
½ March 15, 2009
STUPIDEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 17, 2009
How can they make a cartoon version of the nutty professor featuring a genius grandson? Really what are they thinking?
January 17, 2009
This looks like the worst movie of 2008. Must see!
January 13, 2009
saw this junk at WTF??!?!?! o_O???
½ December 25, 2008
while kind of hard to swallow as an actual sequel to the original nutty professor it still is a good movie although the battle between egos which was not present in the original but the remake shouldn't have been as much of a focus, i think, as it actually was
December 14, 2008
ehh. . . . no thanks
November 24, 2008
this movie is that S H I T
November 20, 2008
This animated feature is strictly for the kids. I lost interest early on. The animation isn't too bad but the story just didn't do anything for me.
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