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January 14, 2011
i want to get lost in that forest too*
½ August 1, 2010
Ratanaruang tries his hand at a spot of dark fantasy/horror and once again manages to conjure a flawed vision of elemental forces at work amongst humans personified in the beautifully concieved figure of the title, who we only really see from a first person perspective. Ratanaruang's camera lurks in the foliage, soars to the canopy and creeps round the tent where the two protagonists sleep. Combining this technical wizardry with highly effective sound design, the end result watches like Tsukamoto's Haze with a dash of esoteric metaphysics.
April 23, 2010
stream of consciousness .....
½ February 22, 2010
Suggestivo, ipnotico, affascinante, visivamente meraviglioso. Ma anche criptico e confuso, nel complesso richiede uno sforzo forse troppo elevato per essere capito. Interessante ed ottimamente confezionato senza alcun dubbio, purtroppo lascia un gusto amaro di potenziale inespresso e di ricerca astratta troppo forzata.
Super Reviewer
January 23, 2010
The wrong film at the wrong time. So my expectations are slightly to blame, having read it was a drama/fantasy, I thought it would be a nice film for a Sunday morning. How wrong I was! The fantasy is very light, and could just be described as weird. It all starts fantastically enough with an amazing shot. The camera pans through a woodland as though itis searching for a story to tell. It soon comes across two men chasing a woman. We then hear breathing and realise this shot is the perspective of someone/something. It seems to ignore the events and soon rises higher and higher, making it obvious this is no human. As it looks down we see the two men, dead, in a river. This one shot contains more excitement, thought, and technical brilliance than the remainder of the running time. Nymph forces you to suffer through endless glaring at trees and shots of people with flashlights gradually turning around. It's a painfully tame and tedious film.
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